Sweet 16


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Many scrapbook enthusiasts started their passion for scrapbooking when they have become moms since that’s the time they spend more time at home than in their workplace. But just like other starting moms, they are struggling on what their first project would be. Most of the time, when their children have become older or reach their teenage years, it’s more difficult for mom to make scrapbook layouts for them because they are already grownups and mom doesn’t get to see them often especially when they are already enrolled in college.

Teens have a lot of “firsts” which includes first day in college or first prom. Nevertheless, these are memorable things for your daughter as well as for a struggling mom too. Parents often get nervous when their kids first step down from the car and bid goodbye to their parents for it’s a sign that they can already handle themselves from the pressure of adulthood. Most likely, parents especially moms have a hard time coping up with the situation because they tend to worry how their lovely daughter could go on without the advices of their parents.

I know it’s difficult to let go but there are ways to keep the memories fresh. If it’s her first day in college then be proud and document it. Take some pictures of her as she enters the busy hallways of her new university; take some picture perfect moment with her new buddies and colleagues in school. But if she’s too shy and gets embarrassed while you do it, then just work around it while taking “real” pictures on her first day of school. It actually points to the same idea.

Always remember to catch and capture the fun. It’s just one-click anyway. Once you have collected the fun memories, lay it on a colorful bunch of papers, pretty embellishments as well interesting stories that goes along with the captured moment and write some sweet notes that best describes your daughter’s best personality. Teenagers would greatly appreciate it and they will be even proud to share it with their new found friends in school. Be not afraid to let your daughter experience the best things in their teenage life!