Egg Shell Mosaic


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Crafting is a hobby that everyone enjoys doing whether it’s for income or just for fun. When I was in elementary I remember our home economics teacher teaches us on how to do mosaics. Most of the time, we use broken pieces of tiles, glass or marble and glue it on a flat surface and create different two dimensional images and graphics. But today, I will discuss a more interesting idea on how to create an egg shell mosaic, sounds interesting, right?

No doubt, we all eat eggs. We usually have them for breakfast together with our toast and hotdogs. But when we cook the egg yolk, the purpose of the egg shell is gone since we can’t eat them so we throw them instead. But in this project, we will not remove the egg shell’s function and we will make an interesting art piece called an Egg Shell Mosaic. Most egg shells mosaics use paint to color the broken shell but not in this project. We will not paint it but only the cardboard that we will be using in order for the shell to exude. It would be plain and simple, so let’s get started.

We will need the following:

Egg Shells
Plastic / Zip lock


1. Remove the thin layer under the egg shell. It looks like a plastic but it’s not.
2. Put the egg shells into a zip lock or plastic and pound it using a spoon or anything hard (stone).
3. Get the cardboard and draw an outline of the image you want for your mosaic. Maybe a pretty vase will do. Draw a big one so it can be visibly seen.
4. Paint the cardboard with different colors. Do not include your drawn image; leave that space for the mosaic. Try making a garden background image. Paint it with more greens and different shades of pink.
5. Let it dry. When it has finally dried up, brush the space for the egg shell with glue using an old brush.
6. Stick the egg shell pieces onto the glued part.
7. Set your mosaic and let it dry.