“Let’s go Stargazing!”


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During summer, there are a lot of activities children can do together with their parents, there’s playing in the field, enjoying the beach, road trip or just the thrill of having a backyard camping. Yes, children love these things especially when their parents are right beside them. Talking about camping, there are a lot of activities that they can do in the backyard while enjoying the moon shine and one of which will be “stargazing.” Stargazing is a hobby whose partakers enjoy watching the night sky.

Children are so eager whenever they hear the word “star” because it reminds them of two simple things, heaven and light. Actually, stars are believed to be the light coming from heaven. However, not all of them get the chance to see the bright sky because some parents say that they might get sick when they stay outside during the late hour of the night but other parents believe that they should experience these things too.

Conducting a stargazing activity for the children after a grill party at night and before heading to the tents to sleep is the most ideal time to share the wonders and myths behind the beautiful constellations. Before anything else, parents should prepare everything first to make the experience more comfortable for their children. And first on the list would be a couple of blankets or picnic sheets wherein the children can sit there and relax while enjoying the scene. Second would be insect repellants, everyone knows that during the night, mosquitoes may attack and other insects that can make the experience uncomfortable. Third, parents should prepare something to eat. Of course, children gets hungry all the time especially when they get excited. And lastly, the most important things are binoculars and telescopes; they are used to see more clearly the view and actually draw you closer to it.

Many children enjoy doing stargazing because they will feel like they belong in the ancient time, just enjoying the pleasure of observation. And to add more fun and thrill instead of just staring at those non-moving stars, introduce them the different constellations like the Orion’s belt, Big dipper, Ursa Major and other interesting facts. Tell the young kids to make their own constellations and name it after them or probably have a game, count as many stars as they can but they will be tired of counting millions though. And for sure, this experience will be shared the following day with their classmates and playmates.