The Snowy Treasure Hunt


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Winter is here and yet, it’s another perfect time to play with the snow. Many kids enjoy the cold weather so it’s probably good idea for parents to give their children a memorable experience. Building a snowman is no longer the “in-trend” today and so many kids doesn’t anymore enjoy doing this every winter. They are always tired of looking at a snowman with a red scarf and a carrot on his nose, so what do you think would be the great activity for the whole family to enjoy? Are you familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean? As they say, it’s not only during Easter wherein little ones can find the hidden treasure, it can also be incorporated with the snow and that’s what we are going to share to everyone.

Treasure hunting is a fun family activity for it doesn’t only become a good bonding activity but it can also test the skills of those who will become a part of it. Parents can always make something unusual that can go well with the thick snow found at the yard and a fun idea would be the “Snow Treasure Hunt.” It’s just actually the typical treasure hunting game wherein the kids will find the treasure using a clue. “Walk two steps backwards,” “It’s near the tree” and “It’s here!” are just some of the lines that are often associated with the clues being used in treasure hunting. Whenever these kids get the chance to have an encounter with these words, their motor skills work. In order to have a more thrilling activity, the following materials are to be used. First on the list would be the cooler. It would serve as the treasure box wherein all the loots will be kept. Second, pen and paper, this is where the clues will be written. Plastic bags will be included in the last part of the list. It will be used to store the clues in order for it not to be wet.

The entire family will enjoy fun activities like this because it will test their teamwork, alertness and keenness. And not only that, they will also have a great bonding time with their parents, siblings or even neighbors.

Guidelines for Parents:

Kids enjoy a lot in this type of activity however there are some few reminders to consider before anything else and that would be the children’s outfit and the weather. Parents should double check these things in order to have a safe and fun experience. During winter, the direction of the wind always changes and it is important to know it ahead of time so that there will not be any threats to their health while having the activity. Outfits should also be considered since the weather is too cold outside and they might not endure it if they wear the lighter ones.