Color Splatter on Invitations


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Color adds mood. When you’re designing an invitation, it is very crucial to choose the right colors for it to be more appealing and engaging. Yes, it’s the thought that counts but don’t you want to spice it a bit? If you learn to use color effectively, your invitation will express your personal style and you can communicate your personality to those who look at it.

Color can actually bridge the gap between seemingly different design styles, how to use the appliqués and patterned papers to unify a color scheme, and how to add ‘wow’ factor to any neutral palette. Color takes away the boring scene into something more delightfully pleasing. The basic elements found in invitations could be given a new approach to make it more memorable and impressive.

The Famished Red

Did you know that red stimulates a person’s appetite? If so, it would really be perfect if you’re creating a scrapbook for scrumptious meals as well as invitations for a dinner party. It’s good to know that sharing a meal with friends and family is an experience to be savored. So why not start with a mouth-watering invitation, right?

The Sunny-Kissed Side of Yellow

Yellow symbolizes brightness, happiness and cheerfulness. This color could actually inform the guests how much joy the couples have when you use the color yellow for invitations. Bright and sunny lemon yellow is the new modern favorite for wedding invitations.

The Pink Blossom and Pastels

It’s so sweet to have a pink invitation card for the baptismal of your little girl. The color pink is a quiet color that would reflect the solemn event for your first born. And aside from the fact that it’s neutral, it also gives a very relaxing feel. Just imagine how sweet it is to have your baby’s recent photo pasted on the pink invitation with bows and ribbons.

The Ageless Combination of Black and White

It’s a classic. If you’re planning for a classic event filled with style and glamour then black and white would never let you down. The elegance that these colors bring is irreplaceable as well as the modern sophistication it brings. I’m so sure that your guest will be very excited to attend the said event.

Scrapbooking…not just for photos


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Scrapbooks aren’t meant just for photos. Keep movie ticket stubs, concert ticket stubs, love letters from boys, children’s artwork, your favorite brand name clothes tags, a test with an A+ on it and many other items.

Today, we can still preserve our memories by adding these extra little things to our scrapbooks. I recommend making copies of everything. Unless the original paper is acid free, it will yellow and crumble with time. There are also archival sprays that may be helpful. Include the original in your scrapbook, but also keep a copy.

So, what types of “extras” are fun to put into scrapbooks?

· Report Cards

· Essays from School

· Birthday Invitations

· Maps of Cities Visited

· College Brochures

· Greeting Cards

· Post Cards

· Decorative Napkins

· Place Cards from Table Settings

· Pressed Flowers

· Receipts & coasters from a Favorite Restaurant

· Play and Concert Programs

· Sporting Event Tickets and Programs

· Magazine and Newspaper Articles

· Old Drivers Licenses

· CD Covers

These items can be added to individual pages or they can be left intact and put into a sheet protector alongside photos of the events they represent.

There is no limit to the items you can put into your scrapbook. Extra items help to tell the overall story.

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