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Paint like a Pro!


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No matter how boring life can be, colors always find its way to make that dull and dreary work of art fabulous. Pens, markers, colored pencils, crayons, and watercolors are just some of the useful things to make a journal or scrapbook marvelous. Many of the scrapbook addicts turn their eyes from the conventional ready to print arts, rather they wanted to design their own and come up with a masterpiece. They draw, they color and they create shapes and forms out of their own imagination for their scrapbook project and don’t copy from other sources. They don’t anymore mind the difficulty of coming up with new ideas probably because they have a passion for what they are doing which is actually the most important contribution in designing your own journal or scrapbook.

Many of today’s paper crafters make it to a point that their projects are neat, sleek and definitely, unique. And they are finding new ways to make it happen and I read from one article that the newest trend that crafters find interesting is incorporating paint into their scrapbook projects. However, not all paints are apposite for memory projects or scrapbooks probably because of its paper quality. But there’s no need to worry or anything, for we will provide the unique crafters the innovative formulas that would make their needs solved.

Have you heard the latest?

Keepsake Colors, the newest easy to use gel paint is bringing all the scrapbooking enthusiasts’ soft, translucent color that is just perfect for any paper surface. Keepsake Colors bring a filmy wash of soft color to paper textures, involving cardstock, vellum, and matte photos and photocopies. And another latest trend in craft painting would be the FolkArt Papier. It’s a dimensional paper paint which actually beautifies scrapbook projects with bold and dense hues. As well as bringing out dimension to letterings, stamp arts and even borders. Keepsake Colors and FolkArt Papier paint work at the same time to bring colors and dimensional emphasis to paper crafts.

Here are some tips on how to actually do it:

1. Use Keepsake Colors to paint cardstock and tint vellum for your next scrapbook page. Write or draw dimensional titles and borders using the Papier Paint.
2. Trample a large illustration with Keepsake Colors and outline along with Papier Paint.
3. Tint black & white photocopies with Keepsake Colors and cover with FolkArt Papier Glass Finish for memories that truly stand out.

Find it here: http://www.plaidonline.com/articleDetail.asp?articleID=280

Digital Scrapbooking: It’s as Sweet as Candy!


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Who says that diabetics can’t have something sweet? And who ever told that only candies and chocolates are sweet? Well, not anymore now. The creators of the sweetest digital scrapbooking needs have launched another sweet treat for everyone who loves doing the pleasure of arts and crafts, The Shabby Shoppe. The website basically offers digital scrapbooking needs designed by top layout artists that would definitely make the heart of the scrapbook enthusiast at ease for they showcase pretty designs and unimaginable work of art that can make the job easier and yet lovelier. Inclusively, they are indeed experts in all your digital scrapbooking needs.

Sweet Nothings are probably the perfect words to describe this beautiful output from The Shabby Shoppe. Nicole, the designer of the Sugarplum Dreams collection sees to it that she would come up with a design that every little girl and young at heart would love too. She just played with the pastel colors of red, pink, green, jade and other soft tones in order to come up with a very simple yet attractive digital design. There are elements of stockings hanging with a cute ribbon, stars, glitter swirls, balls, photo cut-outs and a tower of gifts that would definitely drive everyone’s attention to it. And to add more sophistication to the simple design, she used paisley drawings and played with the different shapes that would undoubtedly take it to a different level. And what’s even more wonderful is that it is downloadable directly from the The Shabby Shoppe’s website and the pages are in .png file that makes it easier for the downloader to just insert their family photo in the space provided or if they might also want to print it out immediately and put the actual photos instead to make it more realistic. Each page is 12×12″ at 300 dpi and ready for your photos and journaling.

Surprise yourself and know what’s inside the downloadable package. Includes the following sugar treats:

[13] 12×12 papers (8 patterned papers and 5 tonal solids)
[1] alpha (lowercase a-z, 0-9)
[6] patterned acrylic buttons (included with joy, love and peace…and blank)
[1] doodle page border (holiday lights)
[3] buttons
[1] digi rub-on frame (approx 6″x2″), both shabby and solid versions
doodled digi-rubons (.png format) in both shabby and solid:
[2] candy canes
[3] peppermints
[3] presents
[2] swirls
[2] doodled notpaper frames (approx 4.75″ square)
[1] pink 2-frame cluster (approx 10″x6″)
[1] vintage green paper frame (approx 6.5″x4.5″)
[2] glitter photo corners
[4] glitter swirls
[6] tied bows with bells
[2] decorative edge journal papers
[2] doodled border journal tags
[3] holiday ornaments (approx 2.5″x3″)
[1] ribbon wrap (approx 6.3″)
[4] stitched ric rac – two styles in two colors each (approx 7″)
[1] santa hat (approx 3.5″x2″)
[1] tied ribbon bow
[2] tied paper tags
[2] shabby metal stars on string
[1] glitter stars
[2] star polkadot brads
[2] zig zag stitching (approx 14″) – two colors with and without shadows
[6] wordart (.png) – in both shabby and solid styles
Doodled digi notepaper stickers (.png format):
[2] candy canes
[3] peppermints
[2] stacked presents
[3] ornaments
[5] stockings
[2] swirls

Nevertheless, who can ever take their eyes off this lovely Sugarplum Dreams collection designed by Nicole? It’s the sweetest indulgence from The Shabby Shoppe, so why not give it a try and share it with your sugary friends too? As they say, the Sugarplum Dreams collection is just as sweet and shabby which is overflowing with delightful elements and papers. Enjoy!

Source: http://theshabbyshoppe.com/scripts/prodview.asp?idProduct=331