Have You Wondered How Other Bloggers Get Sponsors?


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If you are wondering how other blogger’s are getting sponsored for events, conferences or even for their blog, I found a great read, and thought I would pass it along. A frequent read of mine, is JessicaKnows. Jessica has come out with a ten page guide of how to get sponsored for an event. The Guide is “Securing a Sponsorship” and is really worth your time if you are planning or would like to plan on attending any conferences this year!

Be creative, and be optimistic! Get your copy here, Now!

eWorkbook: Securing a Sponsorship.  Want to be sponsored for a conference this year? This workbook will take you through all the steps to get to the “request for proposal” stage.  Order NOW! First ten will go for $5, the next 100 copies will sell for $10, before the regular price of $14 kicks in.

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