Great Tips On How to Commemorate The 50th Wedding Anniversary of Your Parents or Grandparents with a Great Party


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With half of all marriages ending in divorce today , celebrating a marriage that lasts 50 years is something that not a lot of couples get to do . Not only must you live long enough to make it to a 50th anniversary but you have to have wanted to stay with your spouse through thick and thin for 50 years which is a feat in and of itself . If your family members are soon to be celebrating this special anniversary, this article will discuss a few of the wonderful ways you can make that anniversary special for them from putting together a special party, to making beautiful scrapbooking albums from several friends and family that enjoy scrapbooking, and other suggestions .

Depending on the age and health of the couple that is having this big milestone, you should have a special party for them if they are up to it . Often a luncheon is a great idea for older people as they will not be too exhausted as a late dinner. Planning such an event should be done several months in advance to get the best turnout of friends and family members that may live all over the country . At the party a few special things to do may be to enlarge many photos of the couple over the 5 decades and place them around the room as the main decorations. If they had a particular wedding cake, try to get it replicated for the partytoo .

At the party play music that was popular during the time of their wedding to focus on the year they got married theme. Along with the music and the blown up pictures it would be nice to put together a special video for the couple that would include pictures from their lives and also some clips from relatives that could not make it to the celebration . Showing the video at the party will be a big hit. Another idea that many couples are doing to celebrate momentous anniversaries is to have a vow renewal . If the couple wants to do this , this can be at the beginning of the party with someone performing the vow renewal ceremony which is a wonderful thing to witness.

As far as presents , a wonderful suggestion is to get several friends and family members to put together different scrapbooking albums. This can take a long time to do so planning ahead of time is the best way to get a great finished product . Get all of the loved ones in the couple’s lives to send a letter or an email with a story about the couple that may be included into one scrapbook. This would be a cherished keepsake for the couple with a lot of thought and love going into the making of it.

Fifty years of marriage is something the majority of people do not get to celebrate. Be certain you honor that special milestone by giving the joyous couple a special party to remember. And hopefully some day you and your partner will make it to a 50th anniversary as well .

Going Out in Downtown Historic Milford, Ohio Just Got Better With Four Celebrated Original Places


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Milford, Ohio is one of the older more established neighborhoods in the area of Greater Cincinnati. Its historic downtown area is filled with stores that have been there for a long time. Some of these stores include Allen’s which sells vacuum parts and vacuum pumps, Enchanted Moments and a shoe repair store. Recently, there has been an rise in the amount of new businesses that have established themselves here and are creating a lot of buzz. Not only are these companies successful, they are also breathing new life into this downtown district. Four of the companies include 20 Brix, Padrino, Sugar and the Bridge Cafe.

The owners of 20 Brix, not only built a new building that is a cornerstone in the downtown development, they also have created a destination restaurant that has a great menu and superior wine. The menu is an eclectic mix of items that have been chosen carefully and paired with featured wines. They host a variety of tastings and can accommodate most size parties. There is also outside seating for enjoying the weather and people watching. In addition to their restaurant, they also have a retail portion of their space that offers distinctive wine accessories, glasses and other entertaining supplies.

A second new business that is drawing a lot of attention is Padrino. The same owners of 20 Brix created this small family oriented restaurant that features Italian food. They serve a variety of pizzas, pastas and appetizers. Many nights they have live music, beer tastings and other themed events. They also have a few tables outside for sidewalk dining at its best. While the style of some of the stores in downtown Milford remains slightly old-fashioned, Padrino does a great job of bringing an element of urban, modern dining to this area.

The most recent addition to the business district of Milford is a small cupcakery named Sugar. They are capitalizing on the nationwide trend of cupcakes being a popular dessert. The building where this store is located was transformed structurally to maintain the original look while being completely modernized. The facade is painted a fresh shade of dark purple with cream coloring on the trim. It appearsfresh and inviting. The cupcakes come in a variety of flavors and are beautifully decorated. Each piece looks like something that could be photographed for a magazine. Whether people buy these cupcakes for the dessert for a big party or just purchase one for an afternoon treat, Sugar provides wonderful choices that everyone is sure to enjoy.

The fourth company to have a great, new existence in downtown Milford is The Bridge Cafe. This is an establishment that operates for breakfast and lunch. It is run and operated by Sonrise church and it’s volunteer members. It features a full coffee bar, homemade cookies, desserts and cozy places to visit with friends. The food is fresh, light and very good. The money from this business goes directly to the church. While it may seem like they would be promoting their religious beliefs, they do a wonderful job at making this a great restaurant where anyone is welcome, regardless of their spirituality.

Decoupage Art-Making As a PastimeInterested?


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Decoupage comes from the French word “decouper”, which means “to cut”. Decoupage is the art of adorning an item by putting together and gluing colored paper cutouts onto it. After which, the combined paper cutouts are highlighted with layers of varnish. Decoupage began and became very popular in the eighteenth century. The said leisure pursuit was said to be enjoyed by Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria when it first became popular.

approximately any item or surface– be it wood, metals and ceramics– can have some decoupage work. Any paper, magazine cutouts, and pictures can be utilized for decoupage. Different materials will entail various preparations. The cutouts may first be laid onto a solid surface, serving as “draft” for the ultimate decoupage. If the decouper has already seen the semi-finished design, then it is set for gluing on to the final article. After pasting the cut outs, special paints or varnishes are then applied in order to come up with desired creative effects.

Decoupage possibly once started as a imaginative means some blemishes of old articles, now it has changed into a much-loved hobby in the whole world. Really, people of all ages have been hooked to this craft.

The growth of the popularity of this art among simple hobbyist and the expert decouper is not a big surprise. This art can be achieved using various types of raw materials, even the ones that are already bound for recycling. Any type of paper can be utilized such as old postcards, magazines, newspapers, or books. In other words, the materials needed for this activity are so affordable, the beauty of the end artifact depends on the imagination and implementation of the artist.

The favorite subjects of decoupers are flowers, birds, angles, butterflies, fairies, and other themes that go with nature. Themes that are about Mother Nature tend to calm the senses, which makes it famous among artists.

Anyone can begin a decoupage artwork at home or in school. The materials are easily accessible and any beginner can begin working on a simple theme. As you constantly do this hobby, you will have an idea on how to move forward to more intricate subjects.

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