Sewing Machine History – A Quick Synopsis of a Long Tale


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Sewing Machine History dates back to the era of First industrial Revolution that planned to reduce manual sewing workload at different fabric manufacturing units. Possibly the first stitching machine was an invention by Thomas Saint in 1790. In 1791 Saint took the patent though no working model was built based on this design. Josef Madersperger, the Australian tailor came up with the 1st physical sewing machine.

Barthlemy Thimonnier, the French tailor patented his stitching machine that used chain stitches to sew straight streams. He also set up a factory that used total 80 stitching machines and manufactured French army uniforms. Sadly the rebelling French tailors wiped out the factory putting a stop on Thimonnier’s journey.

In 1833 Walter Hunt invented the ‘lock stitch’ sewing machines. This machine employed an eye-pointed curved needle that carried the upper thread and it left loops while touching through the fabric horizontally. It also contained a shuttle which carried a lower thread and created interlocks with the threads while passing through the loops. Hunt sold off the machine without taking patent to be part of stitching Machine History.

In US John Greenough patented his first stitching machine in 1842. In 1845, Elias Howe invented a stitching machine that was slightly similar to that of Hunt’s. Although it was a majorly improved version and many individuals in America attempted to contravene his patent which he contested and won in 1854. Sewing Machine History remains incomplete without mention of Isaac Merritt Singer whose machine incorporated the best of techniques from earlier versions and provided fantastic productivity. Allen. B. Wilson and John Bradshaw also contributed in stitching Machine History.

James Edward Allen Gibbs got the patent for first ‘chain-stitch single-thread stitching machine’ in 1857. The first set of electrical stitching machines was made by Singer Sewing corp in 1889. NECCHI and TOYOTA are worth mention in sewing Machine History. Orisol created computerized machines for industrial use. Modern stitching machines are much improved and come with enhanced classy appeal. Looking for a Home Sewing Machine? Have a look at our review of fantastic Brother XL2600I at

Easter Cliparts


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Easter clipart can only make your holiday season a whole lot better. Coming up with some Easter clipart will be a fun method to make some cards and if not, you can plainly get together with your children and have fun while drawing and painting. Easter is a season of good cheer, so the more colorful and brighter your clipart is, the better. The Internet is one of the most successful places in order to find some Easter clipart ideas. Easter bunny rabbits in pastel blues, greens, yellows and browns, Easter eggs with rich designs and a touch of gold, plus silver on them, crosses decorated with flowering vines, chicks, baskets of goodies and colorful backgrounds with Happy Easter written across it, are a few of the 1000s of Easter clipart ideas.

You can start your Easter clipart by penciling the design on the paper. If you are not too certain, you can do a couple of rough sketches beforehand. Easter clipart most frequently depict fun and good will. So, you can draw them with solid, well-defined lines and not worry too much about how good an artist you are. You are even free to copy some Easter clipart from the web, not simply by printing them out, but looking at them and drawing by yourself.

After you have the penciled picture you can start coloring it in all feasible eye catching tones. Easter clipart creation is more like drawing a cartoon. Yet if you want to depict more thoughtful subjects such as Jesus Christ risen from death, you can do so. An Easter clipart created by your very hands will add value to the cards you send rather than buying a printed card from the bookshop. The inner side of the cards can be filled by the poems you write for Easter.

As for children, let them come up with their own Easter cliparts. You, as an adult can tell them a couple of Easter stories and give them ideas as to what they should draw. children are very good at matching bright tones. Also, try decorating the clipart with silver and gold edgings. A bit of dust sprinkled will give an eye-catching effect.

Easter cliparts can also be used for decorating egg holders and gift baskets. The possibilities are endless if you can use your vision. After all, Easter is a holiday that is meant for families to get together and spread the love, hope and peace of Jesus resurrection.

Gifts for Sister A Guide on Buying Her Something Unique


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Your sister will feel appreciated when you give her a gift that comes from your heart. She will treasure those gifts forever. Women love the thought of receiving jewellery as gifts. So you now know what you can buy as gifts for sisters. Since siblings are often close, that means you probably have good ideas what your sister likes. We can help with some ideas. Pendants, bracelets, earrings, and so on. We have them. It’s always a welcome event in any woman’s life to receive jewellery as gifts, whether it’s her birthday, promotion, or any other occasion. If you’d like something extra special, we can customise any jewellery to fit your sister’s character. All you need to do is tell us what she likes.