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Whether you’re drawn to the beauty of kachina dolls, sand paintings and jewelry or the eye catching colors of woven rugs, story tellers and pottery craft; having a little understanding about the American arts and crafts can help you make the most of your money.

As the native American art usually commands higher prices, some unscrupulous traders misrepresent imitation art and craft products as authentic. If you are considering to buy a piece of Native American art, here are some do’s and dont’s that will help you make an informed buying decision.

Always prefer to buy the native American arts and craft products directly from the artists, galleries or at special shows. Attend seminars and functions, which draw native American artists and talk to them. Learn about the artists and their area of specialization.
Know what designs or products make a particular art piece well constructed and beautiful. It is important to understand the different types of art forms and what makes one art piece better than others. Research, research, research.
Do everything you can to check the authenticity of a particular art piece. Check out who the designer is and about him/her.
Purchase the artworks from a reputed dealer who has a association with the artist. Ask if you can return the artwork if you do not like it.
Learn about the law regarding sale and purchase of native American arts and craft products.

Buy an art piece if you don’t like it.
Feel that you will always have to spend big money to buy native American arts and crafts. There are some lesser known artists who create posters and more mass-produced items like nice gifts and decorations at much lesser prices. It is up to you whether you spend $35 or $35000 for a oil painting or a bronze statue. Know what the purpose of your purchase is?
Be afraid about asking questions. If a trader is selling native American artwork, he should disclose the authenticity of what he is offering. Genuine native American artwork can be identified with the Trademark of artist.
Hesitate to contact the artist to verify the authenticity of the artwork you are considering buying.
Believe on everything that you read on the Internet or are told by a sales person. There are many good books available in the market that you can use to enhance your knowledge about the native American arts and craft.

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