DIY Wedding Party Favors


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If you’ve been blessed with a creative mind and a knack for frugality, then why squander that talent when you can make a statement with your own homemade wedding party favors? Everyone’s received that generic candle or overpriced custom chocolate wedding favor before. Why not save your pennies to put toward a better band, a nicer venue, a more fabulous dress or a premium cake filling instead? Your favors are meant to be a token of your appreciation, which will be even greater when you spend your time making them. Some unique wedding favors are eaten (candy, cookies, chocolate), some are functional (glasses, soaps, bookmarks) and some can be enjoyed later (CD or seed packet). Whatever you choose, make it an extension of your personality, which your guests will remember for years to come.

Edible party favors are wonderful because you can be sure no one will forget their favor at the end of the night! These tasty treats rarely make it out of the room, yet fulfill a vital purpose of feeding people as they’re waiting for their meals. You needn’t be a stellar baker to pull off delicious edible wedding favors. Consider the following edible favor ideas. There are homemade chocolates, chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate-covered pretzels, homemade candy bars, chocolate spoons to accompany cocoa or coffee, fudge, taffy, hard candy, personalized cookies, homemade jam/jelly/preserves, jars of herb-filled olive oil, custom dry soup mixes, dried fruit and nut mixes or cookies.

If you want something more enduring than edible wedding party favors, then you will need to decide whether you prefer something sentimental or something more practical. Sentimental wedding favors include CDs, photo albums, poems, magnets, ornaments or treasure boxes. Practical party favor ideas, on the other hand, may be seed packets, soaps, notepads, candles, key-chains or bookmarks. All of these items are easily made yourself, using things that are commonly found at craft stores. Not only will you make unique party favors to show off, but you’ll also ensure that your guests don’t soon forget your special day.

One of the most important facets of homemade wedding party favors is the presentation. No matter what you’re making, you’ll likely need some sort of wrapper or container for the favor itself, as well as decorative tags or ribbons. Containers and boxes are best found at craft stores, dollar stores and discount marts. Look for jars, baskets, bags, dishes, candle holders, pots, mugs or water cans. If you have a quality printer, then you can print custom tags yourself with your names and wedding date or a meaningful quote. If your printer isn’t that great, Kinkos will be able to print an order for you.

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