Some Great Tips and Cheats for Mafia Wars


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If you’re playing Mafia Wars, then you should be putting some good legal Mafia Wars cheats and playing tips to good use. You can advance through the levels more quickly and give yourself an edge over other players.

Here are some good tips to give you an advantage over other players and get your mafia growing quickly.

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Choosing a Class

Maniac Class

Maniacs can recover energy quickly. This can let you get plenty more jobs done in a shorter amount of time as you’re not sitting around waiting to regenerate energy. It’s also believed that Maniacs can level up quicker than some other classes.

Also, Zynga tends to favour this class, since players would have to use the application often in order to maximize a maniac’s benefits.


A Mogul character class should generate money faster than some other classes. This means you can afford to grow your own mafia much faster. You can also purchase the best weapons, armor and cars for them, as well as buying properties and business much faster.

This is suitable for players who are confident that they can grow their mafia to the maximum 501 members in a short period of time. However, right after arming your mafia with the best equipment possible, money would become almost useless, and can only be used for growing your portfolio.


Fearless players recover health much quicker than other players. While this is considered a basically useless attribute, it can allow you to qualify for one of the top mafia positions that only a Fearless character can play: the Wheelman. A Wheelman is able to perform jobs at no energy cost, which can be incredibly useful for completing really high-energy jobs quickly.

If you can reach the status of Wheelman, you have the opportunity to perform jobs with no energy cost. This could be a massive bonus if you need to carry out jobs that require high energy.

While the Fearless class might be slow to level initially, you can benefit from huge bonuses later in the game.

Managing your Mafia and Armaments

Try to do as much as you can solo for as long as possible. Work independently while you plan your successful mafia group. After all, there’s no point having plenty of mafia members if you can’t afford to equip them or arm them properly. Begin building your mafia as you can afford to buy the best equipment for them.

Performing Jobs

If you are going after experience, choose those jobs with a high experience-to-energy ratio. On the other hand, if you are in need of cash, choose those that would yield the most money per energy.

When there are loot celebration bonuses such as the Labor Day Loot, try to perform jobs that require less energy to give you an increased chance of getting the loot items.


When you’re attacking other players, always choose those with less mafia than you have. This is almost a sure win for you. Besides, attacking players with more mafia than you may earn you the Napoleon Complex Achievement. Some players may yield more cash than others, so bookmark these so you can attack them again later when you want more money.

Moreover, bookmark those players who yield more cash, so you could always get back to them when you need more money.


Growing and equipping your mafia with the best weapons remains the soundest method of defending against attackers. If a player attacks you, ask your mafia to attack them. There is also an option to add them to the hit list, but it’s not advisable to be in such exposure unless your level is high enough.

However, you would want leave high level attackers untouched to prevent unwelcome retaliations. Also, always bank your money, since coughing out some cash on every attack would be an invitation for another.

While these aren’t exactly Mafia Wars Cheats, they are tips that can help you build your strategy and create a strong mafia that will help you progress much faster.

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