The Effects Of Other Genres When Learning To Play Guitar


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While you are learning to play guitar, it’s all to straightforward to get stuck in a groove of working with just one style. Whilst this can be a large amount of fun to do, it will not help you grow as a musician very much, and might light the way to you getting to be rather held back as a musician.

As a industrial metal guitar player, when I started learning to play guitar I naturally gravitated towards the lightning fast shredders of that era, but that began to limit the sort of licks and riffs I was capable of, and I found out that learning to play guitar was about more than following your heroes.

The key to moving yourself forwards as a guitarist is to be certain you experiment with some different methods which will complement those that you are familiar with. For hard rock and heavy metal guitar players, useful styles of music to test out would be traditional blues music and classical music.

Blues guitar and classical guitar feature many of the elements which finished up making the heavy metal and hard rock in evidence right now, and studying those methods can in turn add another layer to your own playing. The key’s to never limit yourself when Learning To Play Guitar. Limiting the styles you learn limits your development, and the very last thing you need is to get stuck playing a similar thing over and over again without any room to grow and create better music.

The fundamentals of each style may take a tiny getting comfortable with, but the results on your own individual abilities will be tough to miss. Guitarists you might check out would include people such as Yngwie Malmsteen (for the classical influences), Michael Lee Firkins (for country and blues influences) or Ritchie Kotzen (for blues influences).

Try out some country or bluegrass, or pop rock. Look into anything that is a small outside your comfort zone and your own personal influences. Not only will you become a more creative guitar player, but getting to know with those other disciplines could help Learning To Play Guitar be much more fun and much more gratifying.

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