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Designing a garden for children is not an easy task, especially when there is wide range of ages or interests to accommodate. However, setting aside a portion of the garden and furnishing it with a well-chosen array of stimulating play features is well worth the effort. Children who have an interesting, challenging and well-tailored area for fun in the garden are more likely to play contentedly and gain much more from the experience.

A children’s garden should, however, be more than just an assemblage of age-appropriate equipment. With a little effort, disparate features can be woven together to create a magical place whose appeal is a far greater than the sum of its parts.

Toddler’s Play Area

Younger children tend to involve themselves in play equipments intended for older children and for that reason, they have to have a separate play area to keep them safe. These young children enjoy dramatic play and imitating others. They like a place of their own, and they have limited attention span.

School-Age Play Area

Twelve-year-olds are enthusiastic, subject to peer pressure, and fond of “messing around” on the playground. Physical challenges for developing gross motor skills are especially important for this age group. Older children forget that preschoolers are smaller and weaker, and accidents may result when they engage in high-spirited play around younger children.

Water Play

Water excites children. Any type of game involving water has great appeal for young children. That’s why water play is both enjoyable and educational and perfect for hot days that call for cooling off. It may also enhance social skills and encourage cooperation. Giving children an opportunity to play water on a regular basis helps them develop their minds and bodies in a relaxing and enjoyable way. Water play has always mesmerized children, and playscape’s outdoor water features invite and encourage kids to splash to their heart’s content.

Vegetable Garden

Kids are curious with nature and will often appreciate the thought of creating a garden of their very own. Vegetable gardens give kids the chance to discover all parts of the cultivating process, from the depths of garden soil to the bounties of garden yield that soon will result. And all the while, their keen interest about the natural world is being supplied.

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