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Have you noticed that a lot of the movie trailers to come out lately have been pretty crummy? Perhaps you did… but you find yourself being dragged along to see many of these new movies anyway. You understand that you can really only see so much in just a few moments and that directors are trying to market these snippets as having a little of everything to appeal to the masses. Of course, we’re not really sure who these mysterious “masses” are, since you and everyone you know are rolling your eyes at the same previews. Even so, a preview is the best shot you have at determining whether you want to actually watch movies or not. Here are some of the top websites to check out before you hit the theater.

According to the 2009 InsightExpress “Digital Consumer Portrait” study, almost half of consumers surveyed found new movies by typing the title into a search engine. Nearly a third of all respondents found upcoming movies through general movie sites or online ads. Most people will watch preview trailers before going to see the full show, the study found. Even though only a small percentage of people watched previews on social networking sites, these people are very important to motion picture executives. “Active social networkers are more likely to seek and share movie related content online, as well as see the movie opening weekend,” explains Drew Lipner, senior VP of the InsightExpress Digital Media Group. “Findings of this study suggest entertainment marketers target and engage social networking audiences, given their viral influence and viewing behavior.”

A popular site to search movie trailers is Yahoo Movies. Some people like to search movies online by “Top Box Office,” while others like to watch the “Most Recently Added” clips so they can have the latest in movies news. There is also a “Most Popular” section for tested, tried and true previews. Their “My Movies” feature lets you build a movie profile of your likes and dislikes, create lists of your favorite movies, write reviews of movies, rate movies and get personalized recommendations of new releases you might like based on your preferences. Members can also save their favorite local theaters for quick access and purchase tickets right on the site.

The site has quickly become one of the most popular places to watch movies trailers online. The benefit of using Fandango is that you can also purchase your tickets here and either pick them up at the theater or print them out at home. They often run promotions where you can get free tickets when you participate in a partner’s offer as well. Fandango offers special feature videos. For instance, when you look up Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds,” you can also watch the latest HD trailer, a video of the “Tarantino’s Greatest Movie Moments,” and enter to win a prize pack from the movie. You can read fan reviews, critic reviews, easily see when the last matinee show is and get maps to your local theaters.

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