Enter the John Grisham “The Confession” Giveaway!


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Have you entered the Give Away for the John Grisham novel? I will be giving one away!

If you haven’t entered yet, do so here: http://askanissa.com/main/giveaway-john-grishams-the-confession/

Digital Art: New Pocket Calendar Cover Inserts


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Pocket calendars are the way to go! Many of today’s scrapbooking enthusiasts as well as young individuals find textured papers and doodled images best when they want to have a customized pocket calendar. When digital art was first introduced during the late 90′s, a lot of people gets crazy for they are eager to learn and be able to print a creative work of art but these are just images that can be used for scrapbooking. However, in this generation, a lot of creative minds have aired that keeps on providing many individuals a new idea on how to make their daily lives extra artistic.

Not all people could appreciate art but with the new templates of calendars that were launched for digital scrapbooking then it brought so much change. Many have been hooked in using these calendar templates for money making, gift giving or just the thought of having an artsy piece of pocket calendar. It became popular to everyone who doesn’t have any idea on what to give during a corporate party, holiday gathering or probably on giving someone a thoughtful gift.

The pocket calendar template that is perfectly made by ShabbyShoppe.com is another type of calendar wherein it is called as the “insert your photo” type. The template itself boasts it wonderful and artistic designs that matches up every occasion and the personality of the person to whom you are giving it. These cover templates have been brilliantly created from the following compilation: Blossom and Barefoot, Giggle Box, Summer Cottage and Happy Go lucky which are some of the most popular designs from ShabbyShoppe.com and what’s even more amazing is that they are made intentionally for a 3 year-time use, years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Each template is sized at approximately 6.5″ x 7.5″ (6.47″ x 7.66 ” exactly) @ 300dpi which is actually best for printing since its properties is made of high resolution.

Pocket calendars vary in sizes so make sure to have the exact measurement you wanted that would fit perfectly the compartments of your wallet or it’s the correct size you wanted to see on top of your table or probably, it’s the size what your friends want. And lastly, it isn’t called an “insert your photo calendar” when your picture isn’t inside it. The manufacturer have a ready cut-out line for your photos in order to make sure that it has the so-called just right fit. Just insert your photo then you’re done!

This template is available for download at their site. And it includes this package, 5 pocket planner/calendar cover insert and 45 cover word art options for three years. Enjoy!

Site: http://www.theshabbyshoppe.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=321

Have You Wondered How Other Bloggers Get Sponsors?


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If you are wondering how other blogger’s are getting sponsored for events, conferences or even for their blog, I found a great read, and thought I would pass it along. A frequent read of mine, is JessicaKnows. Jessica has come out with a ten page guide of how to get sponsored for an event. The Guide is “Securing a Sponsorship” and is really worth your time if you are planning or would like to plan on attending any conferences this year!

Be creative, and be optimistic! Get your copy here, Now!

eWorkbook: Securing a Sponsorship.  Want to be sponsored for a conference this year? This workbook will take you through all the steps to get to the “request for proposal” stage.  Order NOW! First ten will go for $5, the next 100 copies will sell for $10, before the regular price of $14 kicks in.

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