Scrapbook Materials 101


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Scrapbooking could be so much fun for it takes you back to memory lane because of the different elements that has in it. There are photos, write-ups, appliqués, colorful sheets and just the textured paper itself that makes it exciting to look at. But some individuals who really got no idea on how to do it have a hard time in thinking where to begin. In this article, you will be able to know and learn that there are so many ways to start with a scrapbook project. Finding the best materials is really fun and easy.

Here’s how:

By Theme

The theme is one of the key elements to a successful scrapbook project. First, you have to think the basic question, “for whom is the scrapbook for?” If you have already thought of that, you will be able to know and grasp the very idea for the entire project. There are a lot of themes to choose from whether it’s for babies, beach parties, children, Christmas gatherings, holidays or just about everything. When you have already set your theme, you will be able to know what materials you would need including embellishments, photos and sticky notes.

By Color

Scrapping by color could really be very interesting. Whenever you create scrapbooks and you still don’t have the idea and you have a lot of colorful ideas then it’s best to start to pick the right colors first. When choosing the colors, you should keenly select the colors that match to the idea you have on mind. It doesn’t have to be all primary colors or whatsoever since it’s just a stepping stone on selecting the embellishments and appliqués that are just right for your project. It helps you find the ideal color schemes and products for your scrapbooking projects.

By Type

Sometimes, people get confused with the theme and type. It’s way different. When you shop for materials and you still don’t have the basics then better start with fundamental materials like adhesives, scissors, trimmers, chipboards, stickers, ribbon, paper and the like.
When shopping scrapbook materials, you just have to select the things that you would only need in order not to exceed your budget and not to waste your money.

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