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When I was in pre-school, I can always remember that I can’t go to sleep without my mom telling stories about how Cinderella ran away from his prince when 12mn struck or how Sleeping beauty woke up after being kissed by the prince. No matter how many times she would repeat it, I would never get tired of it. I often ask my mom, “Mom, when can I meet my prince and have a happily ever after?” By then on, I always believed in fairy tales and how magical it is to live in a castle with your prince. But I have to admit it that there’s just so many wonderful things that has to change as we grow older.

Fairy tales doesn’t have a bad ending though they are wicked witches on it. Consequently, I know that they’re just stories of make-believe but I would still want to impart my children the best things in life by making my own story book. It would a story book showing them my unforgettable memories and experiences with them. So by the time they grow up and get married they will be able to see how beautiful my life was by having them.

Story books can be so boring when all you have wrote there are words, phrases and letters, right? So in order to make it more lively and interesting, I’ll be making a real story book with all our family photos in it and all the moments we’ve shared together as a family including first birthdays, reunion parties, back yard gardening etc.

Coming up with a story book doesn’t have to be as amazing as Cinderella’s story. It should be written by heart to keep the output sweet and memorable. Sharing fun moments during their first birthdays could be interesting. You can write how many visitors they had and how busy you were preparing the gift bags, their dresses to wear, how dad took photos even though he doesn’t know how to and the difficultly of managing your own kitchen in preparing the food and drinks for the guests. Simple things like that can be so touching once they read it when they grow older, they will eventually understand your effort and hardships as a mom. It’s irreplaceable for it feels good to be a parent and a person who really gives value to her children.

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