Digital Art: Season to be jolly!


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Scrapbooking is the most favorable hobby of women in the United States and I guess every woman have tried creating a piece of artwork from scrap. It may be school related, out of boredom, money or just the thought of doing it. Nevertheless, it’s a good hobby for everyone who believes that they have the talent to create something fabulous out of scratch. However today, people are no longer limited in creating a work of art out of scrap because there are already great scrapbooking designs which come in the so-called “template” wherein it can be downloaded anytime of the day from reputable scrapbooking shops online known as the Digital art.

igital art has opened new opportunities for everyone who loves to do scrapbooking but don’t have the time. And during this holiday season in where everyone is busy wrapping those gifts, preparing for the holiday celebration as well as organizing parties then there’s nothing more interesting than downloading templates for your holiday tokens to be given away during the party or just the having the idea of wanting to share something unique this season to your friends and family who have been always there for you despite of everything.

The holiday card collection from Shabby Shoppe is just priceless but that does not necessarily means that it’s for free. Their holiday card collection is jam-packed with great deals and fun designs that match the season of gift-giving, Christmas. The kit has collectively 60 different printed designs that is very appealing and is a sure hit to anyone who will receive it. It may be in the form of cards, insert photo types, tags or in any way you wanted it to be. And what’s even more amazing is that their designs are unique and have a certain drive that would make the recipients feel that they are extra special. Nevertheless, the color used implicitly defines what the true meaning of gift-giving is.

All cards are of different sizes and are done at 300dpi and saved as .png file wherein it is easier for those who downloaded to edit and be perfect for their own use.

Package includes:

[14] 4×6 and 5×7 cards included in both sizes (for a total of 28)
[7] 4×8 cards (4 unique as one is included in four colors)
[5] 5×5 cards
[34] miscellaneous word art graphics in varying colors, etc. please see preview for more detail.

Giving gifts to your loved ones this season is definitely a good way to end the year so why not try to give them Holiday Cards from the Shabby Shoppe with a remarkable price of $9.95. It’s not a pain in the pocket after all; it feels good if you have something to share to those people you love. Have fun and enjoy the season with so much joy and laughter!

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