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Celebrating birthdays with a twist bring so much happiness to children. Every child imagines and pictures out a party wherein they have their friends and families around while enjoying the games prepared by mom on their backyard. But is it more exciting when they receive invites that are artistically designed and can bring home with them artsy tokens that really match up with the occasion?

Digital art is becoming more popular to scrapbook addicts and to individuals who have a strong passion for creative outputs. In today’s world, wherein everything is moving fast paced, a lot of moms are having a hard time in choosing the most ideal thoughts on how to give their little ones the best party ever. Aside from giving them a successful children’s party with all the games, activities and never-ending food festivity, they are also eager on coming up with a great design for invitations that could attracts kids and parents as well. An invitation that is just right for theme is already a right attempt to keep the guests excited and raring to attend the party.

The Shabby Shoppe will take care of your invitation problems for they have a wide array of templates for any occasion depending on the theme. They have party graphics – digital rub from their Occasions Collection which is made up of attractive colors that would definitely set the party mood. They are fun to use that you’ll get confused on which ones are the most perfect for your little ones. Their embellishments are one-of-a-kind and their designs are entertaining which can be great for both boys and girls. They have party hats, presents, piece of cake, balloons, mini cupcakes, ribbons or just simply the texts that serves as a constant reminder that it would be going to be a big event you don’t want to miss.

All graphics are downloaded at 300 dpi with the approximate measurements listed below:

{1} balloon/gift rub-on 8″x11″
{1} cake rub-on 6″x7″
{1} cake piece rub-on 4″x6″
{1} boy crown rub-on 6″x7″
{1} girl crown rub-on 6″x7″
{1} make a wish rub-on 6″x6″
{1} party hat rub-on 3″x6″
{1} party horn rub-on 6″x6″
{1} piñata rub-on 6″x6″

Give your children the best party ever by starting off with the most creative digital scrapbooking rub-on. Enjoy the celebration and whoop it up!

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