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Who’s up for another trick or treat event this year?

Children get so excited every time October 30 sets simply because there’s another Spooktacular event for the entire neighborhood. There will be Halloween parties, trick or treats or simply the fun of wearing Halloween costumes. During trick or treats, the most conventional way of children doing it is carrying a pumpkin shaped bucket with lots of treats inside which includes candies, lollipops and canes while knocking on the neighbor’s door but not anymore today. We have thought of coming up with a new idea on how to make the Halloween more enjoyable and engaging for kids.

Preparing a Spooky gift wrap doesn’t have to be costly and time consuming rather it should be a fun learning experience for children. Coming up with a personalized spooky gift wrap prepared by your kids will make their night more exciting because they will be too eager to show off their hidden talents to their friends and adults in the neighborhood through the personalized Halloween gift wrap.

Before getting ready for the Halloween even tonight, we should prepare the following materials for our children to start with. We will need cellophane wrapping which is cut into 24 inch square pieces, Halloween inspired craft paint, paper plate, craft sponges, black and orange ribbon and treats. The materials to be used are very simple and inexpensive. But the outcome will be as vigorous as imagined.

To start with, let us lay out the cellophane wrapping on top of the table and put some paint on the paper plate, I suggest the colors orange, black and white. Do not mix. Then use the sponge of small paint brush to paint onto the cellophane. Just create whatever your kids want to do. It can be a pumpkin shaped head, jack-o-lantern or a ghost like image like Casper. And they just have to do it over and over again. Let it dry for about an hour, it won’t take that long since the paint we are using isn’t that thick. After it has finally dried up, prepare your treats and put them in the center of the cellophane and wrap it up with your ribbon.

Have fun and share these ideas to your friends for a more fun-filled Halloween evening. Enjoy!

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