Kid’s Canister


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There are a lot of times when we parents see our children’s clutter on their desks like pencils, erasers, notebooks and just about anything. It could really be bothering for us because they always want to see their children’s cranny organized and well-set. It’s natural for parents always wanted the ideal setting for their kids even though they are still young that’s why they jazz up their kids’ bedroom just to have a good sleep and nice place to relax. And for that reason, they want their kids to be well thought-out and put things in the right place in order to have a more pleasing environment.

My children are twins, one girl and one boy and they are already 6 years of age. Of course, they don’t share one room just to keep privacy even though they are still young at age. I want them to be different from one another despite the similarities on how they look as well as their personality. During weekend we usually spend time together creating kid’s crafts that they can also use inside their room. I’m enjoying this bonding session with them while they are still young because once they reach the teenage years, we can’t do it anymore. They will have their own things to finish and to catch up with.

We often go to craft shops every month and get the supplies that we need for our weekly project. I usually don’t recommend letting my children buy read made canisters because I know that they won’t value it rather than creating their very own work of art. Children who do crafts keenly can appreciate it when they grow old and care for it as if it’s a treasure.

We just buy tin cans in medium sizes, ribbons, fabric of their choice, buttons and other embellishments that could make the project more attractive and creative. In this way, they can express themselves freely.

It’s really fun and simple, if your children want to do a kid’s canister too. They just need to purchase the items we bought, white craft clue and scissors. Cut the fabric and wrap it around the can then just add the embellishments. You can try blue for boys and pink for girls and it’s all done! Have fun!

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