Paper Mache: From Scrap to Craft


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Paper Mache is a French word for mashed paper or chewed paper. It has always been a favorite for hobbyists or for simply making money. Paper Mache is fun to do especially when you can allot enough time for it, you can be able to express your creativity. Creating bowls, lamps and decorative elements for your room are some of the few things you can craft with Paper Mache. The materials needed for the craft needs not to be expensive and pricey, you can make use of your old newspapers, shredded or even scratch papers. The attractiveness of the art will totally depend on your workmanship and creativity.

In this project, we will together make a pen holder. It can actually help to remove the clutters on your desk and achieve a more organized desktop.

You will need the following:

Old newspapers
Scratch papers
Petroleum jelly
Metal Stick
Deep glass for molding
Tissue Paper
Craft Glue
Small Paint Brush

Here’s how you will do it:

Choose a deep glass for shaping and always choose the form you like best. It will actually determine the final output of our project. Then, turn the glass upside down and smear it with petroleum jelly to keep the paper from sticking to the glass. Shred the old newspapers or scratch papers into small pieces and plunk them in the glass. Mix the craft glue with water to achieve a smoother texture. Next, glue the shredded to the outer side of the glass, keep the thickness consistent as much as possible.

Now, let the Paper Mache dry for an hour or two to let it hold and form. After, when the Paper Mache has hardened repeat the process for the second and third time. We are just making sure that we could attain a sturdy project. Let it dry for several days and when it has finally dried out take it off from the form.

We will now put the final touches for the molded craft. Apply the tissue pieces on the mold and brush it glue and water, again, let it dry. When it has finally dried up, paint the pen holder with a paint of your reference, let it dry and there you go, you have just created a functional art from scrap.

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