Personalized Snow Jars


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During winter, people are gearing up with their winter clothes that include beanies, boots, coats and other protective outfits. Every time the season of winter arrives, most likely children get so excited to see the snow falling on their heads and witness the streets covered with snow. For kids, it’s still so amazing to see things like this in spite of the threats of climate change.

The snow can bring so much happiness to kids that they wanted to be out in the streets just to have a touch of it but what if some children couldn’t do it? Like those children with special needs. Special children need the attention of their parents and nannies more than anyone. They wanted to see the world but they couldn’t because of their disabilities and being incapacitated but nevertheless, it’s not a hindrance not to see the snow that falls for you can create a personalized snow glass wherein they could enjoy looking at it the whole year round.

Glass Jars

By simply getting a glass storage jars from your kitchen cabinet or by getting them in stores, you can be able to start with a snow glass project for your child. It comes in different shapes and sizes, just try to have the medium sized one.

Plastic or Glass Miniatures

If your child loves Mickey Mouse and friends or any cartoon character, try to look for them in your nearest craft shops or if you have stored miniatures or else figurines, then that would be a good idea. Make sure it’s water proof. Use a glue stick or clear silicone sealant to affix it to the bottom part of glass, let it dry. Make sure it’s stable before filling the glass with water and other elements.

Glycerin and Glitters

Purchase Glycerin in drug stores or craft shops. These would make the perfect snow fall. Place them inside the glass jar together with the glitters (make sure it’s not the ultra fine glitters for they will float) and fill it with water. Attach on the lid tightly. Turn the jar over and watch it snow!

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