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A lot of guys ran out of ideas on what to give to their special someone during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Probably because they have been so expressive on how they feel for the past years they were together and they have already bought just about everything their partners wishes for.

Being romantic can be tough when you’re not the Romeo in Juliet’s dream because for sure you won’t try to kill yourself just to express how much you love her, right? During these modern times it’s not anymore like that. A lot of women appreciate handmade gifts over the expensive items that can be bought in malls and specialty stores besides most of them believes in the saying, “it’s the thought that counts” though it does not apply to everyone. Always think of something different and get rid of that bouquet of flowers, life-sized teddy bears, balloons and a box of Swiss chocolates for they are forgettable.

Romantic ideas could really be sweet especially when you put hard work in it and you’ll get surprised that your partner will love it above anything else. As a guy, it’s hard to be romantic especially when you have a hard time in expressing how you really feel but don’t be afraid for you’ll never know until you get there. Take note, special relationships deserve special attention.

Writing can be the most effective way in expressing one’s self but do it in an old-fashioned way. Purchase a blank book from your nearest supply store or even scrapbook outlet and write your heart away. It’s really simple but romantic. Make the blank book as if you’re writing your love story. Be the author of your own book and start with the words, “The first time I saw you…” It really sounds mushy but it could definitely melt the heart of your partner. Write down the important details of how you met and what dress was she wearing. And don’t forget to include photos, captions and even mementos.

In order for it to be more romantic, make sure to write it from the heart.

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