Teenage Idea Box


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Teenage years are the most crucial stages of development for during that stage when a lot of changes occur physically, emotionally and mentally. Young people often slot in to new things which they find interesting like music and art. At some point in their teenage life, they get to fall into so many mistakes which they couldn’t tell their parents but only to their peers.

Nowadays, many teenagers don’t want to express themselves vocally because they are afraid to be judged by other people especially by their parents. For some teenagers that are not bonded with their parents or may be afraid to hear what other people would say then they blog in on their blog sites. More likely, they could express themselves freely without their closest family members reacting and telling them what to do.

Teenagers are so sensitive that they refrain themselves from the crowd every time they have problems in school or matters with the heart. They rather keep it than hearing someone else’s negative reactions.
Back when there are still no computers and internet to blog on it is through writing wherein they can express ones self without being judged. But today, it has no longer been the same. Writing down thoughts and ideas are now done through status messages, joining forums and blogging. It’s already the most powerful tool to be used nowadays.

Going back to the old school way of self expression, personal idea boxes can be a good way to communicate one’s self. Just get some box from your old purchases and decorate it. Cover it with a colored paper and beautify it using paint or embellishments. Design it in the way you wanted it, just make sure that it symbolizes your personality to have create a more emblematic connection. After which, use a notepad to write your frustrations and aspirations then put them in the box and keep it safe. After a year, try to open it and read them one by one, you’ll realize how much pain you have let go to become a better person.

Making your safety deposit idea box would let you express yourself. Make it your emotion box and leave everything there, keep it safe and private. Protect your written words just how your guard yourself. Your opinions and sentiments are important; creating an idea box is a good way to let your feelings out without letting other people know.

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