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Often times, a lot of teenagers get bored during lunch breaks because they have nothing to talk about but only those things that happen in school. They often get tired of doing the same routine everyday and wanted something that could spice up their afternoon. These teens are growing up and they need some sort of excitement to keep their energy rising to meet up the deadlines in school but having such boring routine would definitely mess up their afternoon subjects and will find them sleepy on their classes.

Teenagers must engage in activities that would allow them to express themselves freely without being judged by other people especially friends. They need to have an outlet even just for an hour or two for it would definitely make a great impact on teenager’s life. Self expression is definitely important for teens of all ages because they have so much in mind and in their heart but are just afraid to let it out.

Never run out of things to talk about with your Idea box. All you have to do is fill a box with just about any topic you want to discuss with your friends which includes boys, fashion, and food and just about anything under the sun. Then during break time, pick a topic from your idea box and talk the time away.

Have fun creating your idea box too. You can use a shoebox, an old can or even a cute plastic container. Design it with your names, favorite stickers or pictures of your crushes you can’t get enough of. It’s also great to crank up the box with notes and letters for friends in order for them to be aware of how you feel. It’s more of a communication box that would drive your friends closer to you. Do not be afraid to show how you feel and what you wanted to happen.

It’s really fun to share these memories with your friends because when as you grow up, you’ll be able to realize how colorful life is being a teenager especially when you have your friends around you.

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