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Individuals who haven’t much enjoyed year 2009 always look forward for next year because they might be lucky by then. And what they do is that they welcome the year of the tiger for Chinese with hopeful wishes. Many people gets excited every time new year starts to fall mainly because it’s a new year of experiences, tests and also a good year to start. And with this, individuals of all ages wanted to put on top of their office desk or inside their room a new calendar that signifies a new beginning. And in the next few lines of this article, you will be able to find ways on how to welcome your long-awaited, 2010!

Digital scrapbooking has opened this possibility to many individuals who believe that a new year is the start of endless opportunities and breaks related to work, studies and other future endeavors. And today, a lot of scrapbooking sites offer calendar templates that people may download and use it for their own cause. They have stored templates that match every unique personality of different people.

Shabby Shoppe is a digital scrapbooking online shop wherein people could download printable templates for their scrapbooking project. They have come up with a “Happy” Poster Calendar template that could be used by all ages especially women for personal use or for gift giving. This type of calendar template is included in their Happy Go Lucky kits wherein it only signifies that it embraces the year 2010 with good luck and happy dreams. The template boasts itself with the use of vivid colors which actually symbolizes hope and prosperity combined with different textures that include string flowers and metal screw centers that can be used for hanging on the wall. The happy calendar creation also include an photo insert wherein people can actually put in their pictures to make it more customized or even a note that says all their goal and objectives for the year wherein it can be a constant reminder to one’s self that there’s something to be achieved. In simple words, the poster calendar absolutely encapsulates the spirit of carefree joy!

The poster template is created at 300 dpi and sized at 11″ x 14″ which is just perfect to be hanging on the wall. Of course, it’s ready to print plus it’s a .png file wherein it’s easier for you to insert your photos since it can be edited prior to printing.

Anyway, what’s included?

[1] 11″x14″ .png Piece-a-Cake calendar layout
[1] 2010 full-year calendar overlay (.png)
[1] 2010 word art graphic (.png)

Have fun and revive the untroubled spirit! Keep in mind that when a person is often happy, they get the positive energy to be lucky!

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