The Unlimited Mind


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Scrapbooks are the best personalized gift a person can give to their family and close friends. It’s a compilation of memories depicted by pictures and heart warming messages. Most of the time, adults are the one’s who design scrapbooks for they have so much memory but actually it’s not limited for them alone. Children as early as five can already create scrapbooks whether for project, mother’s gift or for their playmates. Scrapbooks can be taught to kids who have a heart for artistry and creativity. It doesn’t need to be as perfect as what adult’s too but it could be great with their own design style.

The children’s mind is so creative for everything in it is still innovative and fresh. I’m sure they have tons of brilliant ideas that would make a scrapbook project more interesting and appealing. They believe that anything placed before them is a canvas wherein they could use up anything they have like paints, crayons, art papers, pencils, brushes and photos as well. The ideas of children are timeless and unlimited because they have so much to offer. Children’s scrapbooks are the best way to express how they feel towards another entity like to their parents, siblings and friends.

Children got so much in mind that they could express them in any medium they can use. Scrapbooks is a channel for this human expression, they can draw clouds, sun, sea or anything they want to. They can even stick photos of their memorable playtime with their friends. Or use templates and paint it with the different colors they have in their palette. Kids should have their time for self expression because the manifestation of a happy childhood rest in how they can freely squeeze out their thoughts and imaginations. Children are gifted in their own ways so never deprive them that right.

Scrapbooks are simple treasures that a child could keep and when they grow up, they could discover how much change and development they have gone through during their childhood years. As parents, we should always consider that the most joyous stage of our child’s life is during their childhood days.

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