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A few months ago I wrote a piece about how manufacturers are not continueing their video series. Not all have quit, but, many have. Why, is the question I must ask myself. I understand that a great deal of money goes into making and producing video, especially when you are adding craft projects, the problem I see is that they don’t see a direct monetary result from these videos. Maybe if they did a better job of marketing them, and creating a buzz, they would see more of a direct monetary benefit.  I can think of many ways these manufacturers could not only see the monetary value of keeping these video series going, but, how they could incorporate more of a buzz for their customers.

Sizzix has a line of videos that are quite basic, but, show that they are taking iniative and producing good high quality videos that their customers can benefit from. If you are a Sizzix machine owner, you know how fun and easy they are to use, and the videos that Sizzix has put together shows the ease of use.

Now, if Sizzix would come out with more idea videos and create a group around this type of video series, they might just see how beneficial this line of video is for them and their customers.

To see videos from Sizzix, click here.

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