Australian Genealogy: Take The Help Of The National Archives Of Australia


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There are of course many resources available to anybody wishing to delve into Australian family genealogy, though one good resource that will stand them in good stead is The National Archives of Australia where you can get a lot of useful information from some very valuable records pertaining to Australia as a whole and which records are easily accessible for the present generation as well as for generations to come.

Excellent System Of Managing Records

One of the hallmarks of the National Archives of Australia is that as a source to trace out Australian genealogy, it keeps an excellent system of managing genealogy charts and records which not only helps it in getting good business, but also helps in making some informed decisions and of course, preserves Australia’s rich cultural heritage.

So, if your ancestors or other family members were from Australia or you are an Australian who wants to learn about Australian genealogy, this is a good source to find out more about your family history, or about various persons of interest and even about other topics related to Australian people. There are some useful tools that you can use and it will also help you to first of all be properly informed about the kind of records held by the National Archives of Australia, and the manner in which they have been arranged.

Thus, using the National Archives of Australia will help you find particular people, though it will help you more in your search of Australian genealogy if you knew whether the persons had migrated to Australia in the twentieth century, served in the Australian armed forces or served in the civil services, were under government surveillance, were of Aboriginal extract or were Torres Strait Islanders, were naturalized in South Australia or colonial Victoria following the year 1904 and whether they have worked for the Government of Australia, or even worked or lived in Australian territories including Papua New Guinea and Norfolk Island.

To help you with your Australian free genealogy search, there are also some DIY tools that you can use including name-based self-service tools, using the finding families guide, and using fact sheets as well as research sheets that help in a more general sense. In addition, there is also a RecordSearch that you can check out as well as a PhotoSearch that will provide images of more than one hundred and ten thousand photographs contained in the Archives collection. Also, the National Archives of Australia has one reading room in each of Australia’s different capital cities, which makes it easy to learn up about Australian genealogy from different parts of the country.

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