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One of the first planning steps for a family reunion is pinpointing the date, time and place, and then choosing the right idea for family reunion invitations. In the past, formal invitations were fancy and frilly, using items like organza, lace, beads, inked calligraphy and expensive card stock. During the eighties and nineties, easy store-bought invites became the standard. After the dawn of the computer era, most people started making their own invites using a program and their own printer. Today there are a number of companies specializing in all types of invitations, which can take the stress off you and deliver the batch right to your front door, address-ready. To help you get started, here are some great family reunion tips and ideas.

Creating “save the date” magnets is one spectacular idea for creating family reunion invitations. At, you can order magnets for just $1.59 each! These magnets can be customized with artwork of your choosing or a family photo. You can also choose the colors, fonts and wording of the invites or include a calendar with the date circled to help everyone remember when the shindig is going down. If you’re not really sure what you want, you can also look at templates and choose one that you feel is appropriate for your gathering. The best part about this type of fun family reunions’ invitation is that your relatives will have a keepsake memento for years to come.

Another creative idea for family reunion announcements is to create a special family reunion web site. Granted, you will likely have to deliver some invites by mail or by phone, since not all older adults are comfortable with using the Internet, but the vast majority of the family will love what you’ve made. Family websites are the best way to keep in touch — sharing recipes, photos, videos and writings; announcing exciting news like births, promotions or weddings; arranging more informal events throughout the year; and exchanging amusing stories. A good site to check out is, which offers free hosting and private user login access, so the family files are only visible to the people you want. Here you can announce family reunions, post files, email and do pretty much everything any other social networking site allows. This type of family reunion invitation will save on paper and ensure your family bonds stay thick the whole year through!

Another innovative idea for family reunion invites is to send each family member a special promotional item as a reminder. For instance, you could send out a pen that has an imprint, something like “The Smith Family Reunion, 8/29/09 12pm, Walt Disney World, FL.” Some families like to make up special family reunion t-shirts, with the family reunion invitation details on the front and a list of family members or photos on the back. Other promotional items may include drink koozies, coffee mugs, tote bags, frisbees, plastic beer mugs, family tree photo frame magnets, coasters, note pads, pens, hats, backpacks, keychains, jar openers, bottle openers, mouse pads, candles, fly swatters, packets of drink mixes, piggy banks, magnetic chip clips, stress relievers and more! These items can usually be personalized with your custom text for under $1 a piece. For more info, check out or

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