How To Make Your Own Free Free Online Scrapbook


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Many people never tried conventional scrapbooking because there was so much expense involved, such as decorative papers, little gadgets to glue on, little stickers and emblems, not to mention getting copies of your photos, so you don’t ruin or lose your original. Then there’s all that mess of cutting little pieces of paper, gluing and trying to fix mistakes after they’ve been glued down, running out of stickers, letters, and special papers. A free electronic scrapbook is something that these people want to get into. If you have a computer, scanner and digital camera, and your free scrapbooking software and photo program, you can start making your free digital scrapbook. Because many are currently utilizing a computer, scanner, and camera, all that’s required is a download of the free scrapbooking software, including templates and printable pages.

Provided without cost are tutorials and suggestions, digital scrapbook tools, and graphics ready for your photos. Everything is free, except your equipment, which most people already have.
The first step in creating a free digital scrapbook is to get all your photos together, scanned, and downloaded to a photo software; some great examples of software would be Kodak Easyshare, Adobe Photoshop or HP Photosmart Essential. If you don’t have a digital camera, or are using older pictures, simply use your scanner to scan photos into your computer. Then you can start laying out your pages, just like traditional scrapbooking. All sorts of free scrapbooking clipart, borders, embellishments and background paper are available for download.

A great way to start scrapbooking without all the expense, the clutter or the mess of conventional scrapbooking is with free digital scrapbooking. This is the best method yet to keep photos and scrapbook pages pristine, and there are limitless free scrapbook graphics, including those for unique events and holidays. Not only are these digital scrapbooks free, they are also great as gifts.

The free digital scrapbook pages can be sent through email and on personal web pages or if you prefer you can just print a bunch of copies and share them that way. In the event that your computer breaks down, it is best to have your files saved on an external drive or CD. By burning CD’s of your digital scrapbook design, they make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions. Free digital Scrapbooking has become popular since almost everybody has access to a computer now. When you have free electronic scrapbooking software, free digital scrapbook designs, free tutorials on digital scrapbooking, free digital scrapbook graphics and clipart, paper designs and more, the price cannot get any better!
The best thing is you can get really great ideas for free to help with your digital scrapbook and make it beyond beautiful!

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