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Instead of writing out copious “thank-you” cards until your hand falls off, why not thank everyone for their efforts at the family reunion this year by purchasing a few inexpensive family reunion gift favors? There are a number of family reunion web site offerings that aim to make your event more memorable and sentimental than previous years. Here are a few creative ideas for family reunion favors your relatives will cherish.

One of the best websites with family reunion gifts is simply This site acts as a compendium of other sale sites and brings you the best of the Internet. Here you’ll find a $10 family scrap-booking kit, personalized wall decals for $24.95, $20 custom tees, personalized luggage tags for $29, personalized photo calendars for $16.95, $45 family tree picture frames, $5 family fridge magnets, $150 family heirloom photo quilts, custom photo M&Ms (3 bags for $38.97) and $345 custom “Memory Lane” artwork of all your family’s favorite locations. Many of the gifts on this site are intended to be given to individuals or won as a prize in family reunion games, rather than purchased in bulk for everyone.

Another one of the best ideas for family reunion favors are personalized, edible goodies from,, or Imagine your family members’ surprise to find their own names on these delectable treats! You could have 100 mini wrapped Hersheys chocolate bars customized with your text and artwork for just 60 cents a piece! Or you may opt to buy a bag of customized M&Ms priced around $40. You can get mini truffles custom wrapped for 55 cents each, coffee tins for $2.95 and (not edible, but good-smelling) custom lip balm for $1.95. These neat family reunion gifts will really get your relatives talking and drum up the family pride — even in those sometimes-hard-to-reach teenagers!

Do you have a family that loves games? Well, another one of the coolest ideas for family reunion events is ordering a custom Monopoly board! You can personalize your board at, writing your name in the center of the board, choosing the names of all street names and special spaces and selecting your own customized theme. This tailored game sells for $79.99 and takes about a month to make and ship. Fun family reunions combine thoughtful gifts, engaging activities, good food and even better company for the perfect event.

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