Scrapbook Theme Ideas for Your Next Memory Book


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Creating a scrapbook is a great way to preserve memories, and choosing a memory book theme is the starting step in creating something to remember a certain moment. Here are several scrapbooking tips to get you started.

The memory book theme can be easy or complicated. It could be a special event such as a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding, Christmas, or Halloween. Your memory book theme may also be customized to the memory book recipient’s individual interests. Themes could involve sports, your favorite TV programs, music, the outside, or cultural influences.

What is the general purpose for your memory book?
Who is the memory book for?
Who is the memory book regarding?

The feedback to these 3 questions are all components in picking a suitable memory book theme. For example, the memory book you are giving your nephew as he graduates from medical school is potentially totally different than the grandparent book you send your mother. Your nephew will generally cherish a memory book with photos, poems, journals, and more masculine elaborations. The theme of the scrapbook may be medicine. You could create elaborations that looked like knifes and tweezers around various photos of your nephew during his school years.

Your mother, on the other hand, will like a great number of baby footage fancifully embellished with flowers, ribbon, and baby fingerprints. This scrapbook theme will generally be your baby. Footage could include baby and grandma with the baby. A pleasant book about your baby’s birth could also add a pleasant touch

Don’t forget to form a title for your memory book. Though adding a title might seem to be obvious or unimportant, a title defines the whole basis of your memory book. The title straight away tells the spectator what the page is concerning. In one word or one short phrase, the title tells the viewer the memory book theme and purpose.

Titles can be as basic as the date of an event, the name of an individual, or a specific event. They also might be more engaging and exciting. Titles can include quotes, proverbs, fillers, or easy phrases. The best places to look for title inspiration are in greeting cards, ads, and commercials.

Continuing with scrapbook tips, color choice is also important. Color coordination and contrast will highlight and accent your memory book theme. A well thought out color palette can help outline the theme of a page, attract attention to explicit items, or detract away from mistakes. Poorly chosen color schemes, on the other hand, may cause your memory book page to look gaudy or mismatched.

Background color can either be matched, coordinated, or contrasted with the colors in your photographs, mementos, or embellishments. Matching colors adds to the continuity of the color palette. Coordinated colors add depth to memory book pages. Contrasted colors focus the eye. In this fashion, color may be employed to make the effect you desire.

A neat way to see how colors appear together is to collect and compare color wheels from your neighborhood paint or hardware store. Paint wheels are usually attainable free to take in nearly any paint department.

Most scrapbooks will contain photographs. Even the most disinterested reader of your memory book will glance at the photos. Photographs really are worth a thousand words. , it’s critical to select pictures that are of top quality and clearly illustrate your memory book theme.

Any photograph may be employed in a memory book. Even instant footage can be employed in scrapbooking. Just be careful that the chemicals in the photograph do not spill out on the remainder of your memory book. Digital footage can easily be printed right onto lignin-free and acid -free paper.

Always keep in mind that scrapbooking is permanent. Therefore, it is maybe preferable to use copies of your sole image of Great Granny instead of risk ruining the picture forever. Simply scan the picture on your PC scanner and print the photograph on lignin free and acid free paper.

Scrapbooking is satisfying and delightful. You are creating a memory book of momentous memories that is more delightful than a regular picture album. So get some scrapbook tips, select your memory book theme, get the basic scrapbooking supplies, choose some photos, and get started.

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