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Kids always get enticed with water that’s why there’s no dull moment for them whenever they take a bath on the tub. They always want to dip themselves in cold water and make a splash. They are excited whenever they see water and bubbles. But sometimes these children are often bored by just playing with their rubber ducky and always look for something to read.

Reading while inside the bath tub could be fun and enriches a child’s knowledge and imagination. I remember when I was young I have this book entitled “Bath time with an Elephant,” it was a photo book but instructional at the same, it was all about the do’s and don’ts’ of taking a bath. Now, I’m planning to get one for my niece but I can’t find them in the local stores anymore instead I have decided to come up with a water resistant personalized photo book.

What we will need:

Book Paper
Ring Holder

There are only five simple steps to follow to come up with a cute photo book that could be brought inside the tub. Take for example, the Comics. Children get fascinated whenever they see photos and no matter how boring it looks like for us, they may find it interesting.

Just simply print out shorts stories found in the in the internet in a book paper, as much as possible try to look for those with photos and limited texts. Most likely, let the child’s imagination work so it’s better if it contains a lot of photos. This is a good sample for an illustrative story. Have it laminated in your nearest laminating shop. Afterwards, when it’s already plastic-coated, cut it equally and punch the right hand corner of the image. Just insert the ring and there you go, it’s done. You know have a water resistant photo book.

A photo book with illustrations of their favorite cartoon characters will be really enjoyable and attention-grabbing. These things will eventually remove the requests for a plastic gun fight whenever they dip themselves into the bath tub. Now, they can enjoy their bath tub experience together with their siblings and friends in an educational way. The kids still love these simple things and when they grow up, they can even share these treasures to their colleagues that they had once a story telling session inside the tub.

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