Suggestions for Baby Showers


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If you are in your mid-twenties and beginning to watch your friends get married and get pregnant, you are probably starting to be invited to a lot of showers. Trying to think of an interesting gift that won’t break the bank for those lucky parents to be can be pretty difficult. A simple gift idea is to give them scrapbooking supplies. Allowing the parents to do custom scrapbooking is allowing them to remember all the events leading up to their child’s birth and after will be like handing them memories in a binder. It is a really thoughtful gift.

Another gift idea is to plan and throw the shower for the mother-to-be. This can be a lot of work, but also can be a lot of fun. First you want to go over a guest list with the future mommy. Once the guest list is approved, you can pick out the invitations. You can find adorable invitations for baby showers at most party stores. If you are going for a more elegant baby shower, you could look at small upscale boutiques for one-of-a-kind invitations with adorable additions for baby showers. It is very important to get the invitations in the mail early. Also you want to make sure the parents are already registered at a few places so guests can check the registry for gift ideas. An easy way to make sure they are registered is through online gift registry, and then you can include the websites they are registered at on the invitations.

Once the invitations and registry is done, you can begin getting the supplies for the party. Planning the food is an important aspect of the party. Typically baby showers do not need to be a real meal, but mostly little appetizers and finger food. All the food at baby showers seems to be cute and little. You should decide early on if you want to cook yourself or if you want to get food from a restaurant or catering service. Making the food would be a less expensive method, but sometimes that can be stressful. Whereas catering the shower would be pricier, but would save you the time and hassle. It is important to talk over the possible menu with the future mother to make sure she approves and that there are no food allergies you need to be aware of.

Decorating for a baby shower can be very simple or very extravagant depending on what you and the mommy-to-be think is appropriate. A common, easy color theme for a baby shower yellow or white to stay neutral and not create any gender stereotypes with the colors pink and blue. Personally, simple white decorations are always easy and beautiful. To create a simple elegant feeling, add a few fresh flowers like lilies. If you want to go over the top, there are plenty of party supply stores with a large selection of baby shower decorations. A simple thought like putting out a guest book for people to leave little notes expressing their wishes for the parents-to-be is a way to make a simple party very classy.

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