Tracing Your Roots In Polish Genealogy


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There are millions of people in the world today who are of Polish descent and they are trying to trace their roots in Polish genealogy using genealogy charts. Their ancestors may have had Polish, Jewish, German or Armenian backgrounds. They may have belonged to Lutheran, Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Mennonite or Calvinist Churches and tracing these ancestors can take a lot of detailed research in Polish genealogy. However, it is not impossible and can actually be quite fun and informative. It is really fascinating to find out who you might have been related to three hundred years ago and in Polish genealogy, it can be even be 800 years ago.

Territories And Provinces

There are many provinces and territories in the former and present day Poland and you can come up with many Polish genealogy problems if you do have a guide to help you distinguish these different areas of the country. Name changes and boundary changes can become a mighty challenge to the average family tree maker using genealogy forms. The provinces take another particular turn with the Germans, who inhabited the Prussian provinces taken over from Poland after WWII. The Germans really rearranged this country. So, in order to trace your correct Polish genealogy it would help to have a good genealogy book to guide you through the entire process. There are specific websites and books which can help you decipher the different territories and provinces to aid you in locating your Polish genealogy.

The first thing you must do in locating your Polish genealogy is to have a good map of present day Poland and of year’s past and also genealogy records. In the case of Poland and all of its territories you might want to have several maps until you have deciphered your correct Polish genealogy territories. Then compile all of the information you have at hand and begin to enter information into the Poland genealogy forum on-line. This is the place where you can request information on specific individuals in your Polish genealogy. You would be surprised at how many people are able to find answers about their lineage by using this forum. Another hurdle you might have to face is the difficult history of the Germans, Poles, Russians and Jews in Poland. You can usually cross reference this information with the boundary changes in the provinces and territories over the years. But eventually it will all come together. The Poles are notorious for close knit families and they are constantly searching for one another. There are links on the Poland genealogy forum all over the world and people are locating ancestor information daily, as well as long lost relatives and new relatives. Family tree making is a fun hobby and one that is very worthwhile and close to the heart.

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