How To Re-Use Your Paper Grocery Bags


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Everytime you buy food supplies at a supermarket or store, the cashier assistants give you with carryout paper bags or paper sacks to hold your items in for bringing them out to your vehicle. After you have unpacked the contents of the bag at home, you possibly tuck the flattened bag in the under-the-sink drawer for safekeeping until the opportunity to reuse them for they are highly reusable. The problem begins when you have loads of them there, and they in fact cannot be all used for your anticipated needs. What can you do with the bags? You can simply make new containers out of them.

Minimal handmade baskets out of very easy to do even children can make them, and usually enjoy doing so. You can use these handmade baskets for giving away a little fruits from your orchard, or some simple gifts. Many are tired of the department store kind of gift wrapping that some handcrafted wrappers should be very welcome, for it comes with the affection and care of the gift source. Creating a simple container you can earn many points with the recipient.

The essential steps in making the easiest usable basket are outlined below:

5. Take out four paper grocery bags. Roll down the open mouth of one by folding the top outwards, until the rolled edge is about three inches from the bottom.

6. Place the second bag inside the first bag. Roll down the edge of the second just until it touches the edge of the first bag. Perform the same with the third bag inside the second bag. You now would have a three-layered basket strong enough to contain most light dry materials. Even out the rolled sides by creasing them down.

7. Remove the bottom of the fourth bag. Roll it the same manner until you have shaped a ring. Insert the layered basket inside the ring and put the ring in the center to make the handle. Sew, glue or paste it in the location and you have a paper basket.

8. Embellish it with glued cut-outs, color it with pens or inscribe some messages on the rolled-down edges just for fun. The intention is to personalize the basket to turn the simple gift it holds more meaningful and special.

You can make other kinds of containers with paper, like interlacing rolled and flattened bag paper into a little basket or vase for covering a table floral centerpiece, as example. Rolling them firmly will stiffen the tube sufficiently for the produced basket to stand; rolling the tubes loosely will make them very flexible for weaving. Paper printed with colorful illustrations makes lively trays or urns or something similar; plain-colored paper grants certain elegance when made to suit the theme of the room.

Whatever you may wish to make a paper basket for, and it is limited only by your imagination, you can make the production of the baskets an enjoyable family activity by engaging the kids. They will love to do the baskets and you will adore them creating the baskets.

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