A New View On Custom Scrap booking


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custom scrapbooking is one of the hottest crazes in the country today. A significant segment of the hobby and craft industry in the United States is now linked with these custom scrap booking books. In fact, many believe that this extremely popular hobby by the Americans has overtaken golf in terms of popularity. Estimates place one scrap booker in every three households while there is one golfer in every 4 American households. Many books are available on the latest trends in scrapbook design ideas and updates on scrapbooking supplies.

In a recent article written by Elaine Jarvik, it was reported that Marielen Christensen is credited for the renewed interest to the craft in the US. She has started with her craft primarily as a hobby; designing custom pages for the photo albums of her family. Christensen then would put her beautiful pages in sheet protectors of her 3-ring photo binders. She is accredited with the development of a new approach in the design of scrap booking which is popularly referred to by scrap bookers as archival quality.

Today, active scrap bookers in the US regularly congregate and work on their scrapbooks in the homes of members, in local stores, retreat centers, cruises and grand conventions. The major scrap bookers’ events, referred to as “crops” by those who are engaged in the craft, give opportunity for scrap bookers to share tips and other valuable information to further improve their crafts.

There are now three popular ways to go about scrap books. These scrapbook designs are characterized by interesting and unique design elements that make the scrap book a one of a kind piece of art work. Many scrap bookers are also adding interesting tags to their very own scrap books. This is an easy, practical and enjoyable way to make your very own scrap book filled with your own memories. Scrap bookers for color accent in the pages, thought bubbles and for text captions can use these fun tags. These tags are also popular when a scrap booker wants to add a little something special to that page. For those who want to achieve a lighter character in their scrapbooks, these tags can be used to write just about anything funny.

The content, color and design idea for your tags can be as varied as your creativity will allow. You can try out various design themes and ideas as you have the flexibility in coming up withjust about anything to make your scrapbook as unique as possible. You can have a small or a big tag, depending on the design requirements and orientation that you are adopting in making the scrapbook. It can also be angled or custom cut to match up with your individual taste. You can also use a specific colored tag to blend with the dominant color of your scrapbook or you can go generic or neutral if you so desire.

In order to obtain more unique ideas for your custom scrapbook, you have to do your research. You can check out scrapbook websites, special shops and craft stores, and follow the latest auctions at eBay when looking for your very own tags.

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