Fostering your individuality in the modern world


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The world is getting more high tech all the time. Products are factory made. Goods that used to have individual character are being made into commodities. Manufactured goods getting slicker and slicker. What is this doing to our individuality? Individuality has not gone away. The human drive for individuality is being fostered by increasing interest in handmade crafts. More and more people are taking up the making of handcrafts as a way of expressing their artistic individuality. But these handcrafts can’t be just the same old things that your Aunt Myrtle made. No antimacassars here. New craft items are being invented every day. For example, have you ever heard of a purse dangle ? No? It’s just a a handbag pendant. Adornment for your purse. Isn’t that a fun concept?

But there’s not actually a bottomless chasm between the world of high technology and the world of handmade crafts. As it turns out, it is the world of high technology that is nurturing the world of handmade crafts. The most effective way to sell handmade crafts is to sell them directly on the Internet. Sure, you can find stores that sell craft items, but the buyers have to know where they are and have to travel there. And for the seller, the process from making the trinket to putting the item in the buyer’s shopping bag can be complicated. The artist has to meet with the store owner—on the store owner’s schedule. The store owner undoubtedly will want to examine the item and either accept it for sale or reject it. Then there are the terms of the sale. A store owner has overhead to pay. That means that she will take a large portion of the artist’s profits. There can be additional complications in the contract, such as payments for promotional activities.

Selling on the Internet is much easier. The buyer can just sit at home and browse the sites. And even finding the sites is easy. Just google the item that you are looking for, and the site where it is located will come up. The most widely known site, eBay, allows anyone to sell just about anything to any buyer. Its fame makes it a go-to place for these buyers. The artist doesn’t have to make herself known to the world because the world knows eBay. Other sites are more specifically craft oriented. For example, Etsy is a site that is becoming more and more well known as a place to find nothing but handmade crafts and vintage items. On Etsy, the artist has full control of a personal shop. She can develop an identity consisting of a profile, a photograph, and a logo. The selling process is also easy on the pocket. The cost is only twenty cents per item for a three-month period, and Etsy’s commission is only 3.5 per cent. The artist can upload multiple photographs of each item.

People are eager to purchase handmade objects because unique possessions allow them to express their individuality in a truly modern way.

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