Great Tips On How to Commemorate The 50th Wedding Anniversary of Your Parents or Grandparents with a Great Party


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With half of all marriages ending in divorce today , celebrating a marriage that lasts 50 years is something that not a lot of couples get to do . Not only must you live long enough to make it to a 50th anniversary but you have to have wanted to stay with your spouse through thick and thin for 50 years which is a feat in and of itself . If your family members are soon to be celebrating this special anniversary, this article will discuss a few of the wonderful ways you can make that anniversary special for them from putting together a special party, to making beautiful scrapbooking albums from several friends and family that enjoy scrapbooking, and other suggestions .

Depending on the age and health of the couple that is having this big milestone, you should have a special party for them if they are up to it . Often a luncheon is a great idea for older people as they will not be too exhausted as a late dinner. Planning such an event should be done several months in advance to get the best turnout of friends and family members that may live all over the country . At the party a few special things to do may be to enlarge many photos of the couple over the 5 decades and place them around the room as the main decorations. If they had a particular wedding cake, try to get it replicated for the partytoo .

At the party play music that was popular during the time of their wedding to focus on the year they got married theme. Along with the music and the blown up pictures it would be nice to put together a special video for the couple that would include pictures from their lives and also some clips from relatives that could not make it to the celebration . Showing the video at the party will be a big hit. Another idea that many couples are doing to celebrate momentous anniversaries is to have a vow renewal . If the couple wants to do this , this can be at the beginning of the party with someone performing the vow renewal ceremony which is a wonderful thing to witness.

As far as presents , a wonderful suggestion is to get several friends and family members to put together different scrapbooking albums. This can take a long time to do so planning ahead of time is the best way to get a great finished product . Get all of the loved ones in the couple’s lives to send a letter or an email with a story about the couple that may be included into one scrapbook. This would be a cherished keepsake for the couple with a lot of thought and love going into the making of it.

Fifty years of marriage is something the majority of people do not get to celebrate. Be certain you honor that special milestone by giving the joyous couple a special party to remember. And hopefully some day you and your partner will make it to a 50th anniversary as well .

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