Howto to Add to Your Camera


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If you’re wasting time trying to figure out how some parts of your camera work, shuffling through ipod parts, film, tripods, or iphone screens, there are some simple ways to get your camera working. This article tells how to set up cameras.

Loading film is one of the most basic steps if you have a camera that requires film. Make sure the film that you buy fits your camera, whether you want black and white or slow or fast shutter speed. What you want to do is adjust the shutter speed to the appropriate place on top of the camera, then pull the film out from the film canister a few inches. Make sure the camera is open so you can put the film inside by unlatching the release which will usually be on the right side of the back of the camera.
After you do that you’ll want to put the canister in with the flat side facing up, pulling the film to the right where you will put the film into the spool and wind it until the film is around the spoon. Then once you close the camera wind the film until the frame counter on the top reaches the number 1.

Choosing the right lens for the picture you want to take is an important part of the process. A telephoto lens will magnify the subject you’re taking a picture of. Another option is a wide angle lens will broaden the area you are taking a photo of. Normal lenses work in the widest variety of situations because their focal length of 40-55mm enables you to take picture under the most variety of circumstances. A zoom lens can accommodate many of these potential settings, allowing you to take a variety of type of shots without spending the money necessary in buying each lens individually.

Setting up a tripod can stabilize your shot. The first thing to do is spread the legs. Pull the legs out to raise the height. Tightening the clamps will secure it. Adjust the head to level the shot. This is a good idea if you are on uneven ground and the tripod legs don’t give you an even enough surface from which to take the photo.

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