Is Being Tech Heads Hurting Us?


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The internet has changed daily life in so many aspects, and still is. The way people communicate, do work, share information, and even travel has all been digitalized. Everyone seems to be connected nowadays. Some one in India can get in touch with someone in America almost directly. Even things like Scrapbooking albums have changed, instead of Scrapbooking on paper, people scrapbook internet collections. The internet can be used by almost anyone too. There are users as young as four years old to senor citizens. This availability in the world can also be unhealthy. In the past five years we have seen an increase in inter-net related crimes. It is a very sharp double sided sword, extreme good and extreme bad can come from the internet.
If used correctly, the internet is a powerful instrument. It can be a great device for communicating with distant loved ones. Sites such as my space and face book bring people together. Personally, I wouldn’t use them if it weren’t for the fact that it allows me to keep in touch with relatives in Maryland and friends in Minnesota and Palestine. I have a family friend whose son visited Chile and they used face book to talk to each other, send photos and document his journey. If it weren’t for the internet, he wouldn’t have spoken much to his son for three months because there was no cell phone service in Chile.
However, if used the wrong way or in a dangerous fashion, the internet is deadly. Unfortunately, no one can find a way to completely control predators on the internet. So, letting children on the internet can lead them into serious trouble if they misuse it. Learning proper internet safety procedures is pivotal to using the internet wisely. Also, parents need to block adult or unfit sites from their children.
The internet can also be dangerous for adults. Sites such as Craig’s list and eBay are playgrounds for scams, con artist and predators. On eBay, being fooled is easy and you may end up buying a faulty product or something that you never get. Ebay scams have become an art, however it’s completely avoidable if careful. In the news recently, there have been murderers and inappropriate users rampant on Craig’s list. This is because it is next to impossible for police to patrol there sorts of things. Millions of people are selling and buying on this site, it is easy to get away unnoticed. Children should not have access websites like this, and adults should be careful.
When used correctly, the internet is an amazing invention. Sometimes however, our high tech world can be for the worse. Cyber space is a readily available world that can’t be patrolled easily, so lots of predators and con artists find homes there. Falling into their traps is easy too. However, if you exhibit simple safety rules, it is also a piece of cake to avoid them. When talking over the internet, never respond to someone you don’t recognize. Never post personal information in public places. If you follow these simple guidelines, {the internet can be a fun, useful pace for you|you will only gain positive things from the internet

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