Plastic 3d Glasses – How Do 3d Videos Work


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Rainbow Symphony produces more paper 3D glasses, polarized 3D glasses, and anaglyphs than any other company.
3D Glasses For Any Situation Even specialized for events and big name promotion ventures!..
You Can Select From a Wide Variety of 3D Glasses Applications and Styles!

Anaglyph 3D glasses are used especially to view anaglyph art, and contain one red lens and one blue or green lens. Great for looking at three dimensional movies, tv, internet, games, printing, comics and art!

Polarized 3D Glasses – Both linear and circular polarizing lenses. Polarized 3D glasses are used primarily for 3D laser shows, 3d ride simulators, multimedia displays, corporate presentations and special 3-D movies.
Plastic 3D Glasses

A pair of Pulfrich 3D glasses has a single clear lens and one dark one. Objects or scenes moving horizontally across one’s field of vision can be viewed using Pulfrich 3D glasses. TV broadcasted in 3-D can be experienced in one of several ways. Videos, television, and 3D computer displays are the main uses of 3D glasses that use the Pulfrich method.

Paper 3D glasses

Decoders can have lenses of red/red, blue/blue or any combination of identical colors. Decipher specially coded messages, play games, enter contests and sweepstakes. Perfect for gaining exposure at trade shows, introducing products to the market and as prizes for games

Hand Held Viewers & Bind-Ins – Works no matter how you configure the lens, and no more temple stems!
Perfect for direct mail campaigns, binding into publications and for in-pack and on-pack promotions.


Custom Made Glasses – Get them the way you want them…We will help you make it! We know this business-we have years of experience and references who support us. Call our toll-free number at 1-800-821-5122. (United States of America) If you have questions, please feel free to speak with our experienced staff..

Proview Professional 3D Glasses – The ultimate in 3D viewing! High quality cast acrylic lenses framed using indestructible and resilient nylon materials.
Proview Professional 3D Glasses

Proview Clip-Ons – Now available in a handy flip-up style that fits over most corrective lenses.

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