Recycle Household Items With Arts And Crafts Ideas


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In today’s world, conserving our resources is more important than ever. If you’re a crafter, then you can save money and be environmentally friendly by using ordinary household items as crafts for your projects.

Ordinary items around the house like coat hangers, CDs and DVDs and old clothing often end up in landfill sites when they can be used to make functional and attractive items for your home, office or garden.

Tin cans can be used for a number of new projects after their contents have been emptied. Turning tuna or cat food cans into candy containers is a practical craft project that is so simple that anyone can do it. After you’ve washed the can thoroughly, paint the outside white.

Punch two holes near the top edge on opposite sides and use light weight craft wire or a pipe cleaner to make a handle. Now the can looks like a little basket. To cover the wire, you can use felt or pretty ribbon.

To decorate the outside of the can, you can use stamps, stickers, glitter or more craft paint. Line the inside with plastic wrap, paper doilies, or colored cellophane. The candy container will look really pretty and artist once you put the candy inside.

Napkin rings are an attractive addition to any table even when you’re having a casual family dinner. Save your silver napkin rings for formal occasions and make paper towel tube rings for every day. This is so easy, and is one of safest crafts for young kids to do. You’ll need an assortment of dried beans.

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If you want a flashier look, you can use plastic gem stones. You’ll also need an empty paper towel tube, glue and scissors. Cut empty paper towel tubes into 1-1/4″ rings. Use the glue to attach the beans or gems to the entire surface area.

If you want to make a simpler looking napkin ring, cover the paper towel roll with shelving paper in a pretty pattern before cutting the roll into pieces.

Old or unwanted CDs and DVDs often end up in the trash because people don’t know what to do with them. Instead of adding them to a landfill, use the shiny discs to make decorative crafts for your home.

Here’s a simple way to turn CDs and DVDs into fun and easy crafts that the kids can do. Collect some old discs, metallic string, glue, and gem stones, beads, beans or shells. Whatever is attractive to you is fair game for art and craft projects!

Glue two discs back to back with the shiny sides facing outward and loop the metallic string through the middle. Decorate the discs with the gemstones and shells, and voila, you will have pretty, reflective ornaments that you can hang anywhere!

Everyday household items like towels, sheets, pillowcases, canisters and coasters can all be made at home using items that normally would end up in the trash. By turning waste into fun and functional crafts, you’ll save money and protect the environment from being cluttered with unnecessary garbage.

So, turn on your imagination and have a great time while filling your home with unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade items.

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