Scrapbooking Pages – Technology Meets Tradition


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Digital scrap booking is catching on fast. You can make digital scrapbook pages unique by using your computer. With photo editing programs you can remove red eye, crop pictures, touch up colors, brighten, sharpen, and perform other functions to make your photos better and more fun. Digital scrapbooks can easily be made by applying sayings or scenery that fit the motif of the subject. You can also add where the picture was taken and the date too using the text tool of your editing program.

If you have birthday pictures you can add a birthday cake with candles and the age of the person having the birthday on the computer scrapbook pages that you need for your scrapbook. You can accent your pictures with Christmas trees and date them accordingly. Many holiday themes are available online allowing accents for other holidays. Some caps and gowns in the backgrounds of your pictures is a great way to remember your child’s graduating year. There are endless ways to add special effects to your computer scrapbook pages.

The benefit to using the computer for your scrapbooking is that you can produce more than one copy of your page. This is great for making albums for everyone in your family or on your Christmas list. There are also a variety of different textures and designs of papers and inks that can be used. You can even print pages 12 inches by 12 inches if the printer you own can print in wide format. However an 8″ x8″ can be handled well by most regular printers. How gratifying to see your online scrapbooking layouts printed in an album or book.

On doing computer scrapbook pages there are several other benefits. If you make a mistake laying out one of these pages all you do is click undo and do it over again, you can keep doing this as many times as it takes to get it right. It is less messy doing electronic scrapbooking too. Instead of laboring with scissors and paste, or carefully hand writing the pages, you can simply print out the pages and add personal decoration whenever you choose. Easily store your photos on your computer, all the while having the option to burn them onto a CD-R and/or DVD-R.

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