Scrapbooks: The Perfect Presents


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Scrapbooking is slowly making its way into the hearts of many Americans. It is a great way to bring people together, preserve memories, and give a heart-felt gift. custom scrapbookingaren’t hard to find and are generally not very expensive. Making your own scrapbook will mostly likely cost less than scrapbooking supplies done by a business. Making a scrapbook can be very time consuming, but it truly is the ultimate gift. We always heard that it’s the thought that counts, and a scrapbook shows lots of thought and love. Additionally, scrapbooks provide a fun way of looking at the past. Heartwarming images and memorabilia are brought together using whimsical designs and layouts. You can’t go wrong in giving someone a scrapbook.

One great event to give a scrapbook for is high school graduation. I gave one to my older brother, and it made him tear up. A great way to begin the scrapbook is to take everything important during their four years of high school and designate a page for each. I made a sports page, and academic page, a page for his senior trip, and a page for each of his 6 closest friends. The pages for the friends had a personal letter written by each person. These pages were the most touching part of the scrapbook; however it took a lot of planning. Scrapbooks do require thought and planning, but they are fun and meaningful.

Another very appropriate occasion to create a scrapbook for is a wedding anniversary. They are great gifts for milestones such as 20 or 40 years of marriage. Putting letters into this type of scrapbook is also a good idea. You can have close friends and family members write to them about their experiences with the couple and just how they admire the two people. Getting pictures from the wedding, early years of their marriage and their kids can prove to be very fun as well. To do a scrapbook such as this, you have to know the people so that you can make a connection on a personal level.

Lastly, making a scrapbook for your young ones as they age is tons of fun. This gives the individual something to look back at to remind them of their childhood, and it can be a fun parent-child activity. These are usually begun during the child’s early years with baby pictures and “first” moments. However, as the kid ages, parents and children can work on it with one another. It’s the ultimate rainy day activity.

Some occasions are tricky to pick gifts for, but a scrapbook is almost always appropriate. A scrapbook can be formal or informal, serious or whimsical, expensive or easy-done. What people most enjoy when they receive a scrapbook is knowing that the person thought about their gift. Taking the time to create something that comes from the heart is a trait someone will appreciate. In addition, a well-done scrapbook is really timeless. It can hold so much nostalgia for a person in such a great package! When you don’t know what gift to choose for mother’s day, Valentine ’s Day or graduation, I highly advise falling back upon the scrapbook plan. It is foolproof.

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