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Are you addicted to a strategy board game? Are you looking for new games? Do you wish to gain game hints or become the trusted opinion in your area of boardgame expertise? Online communities are a great way for individuals to connect with other board game enthusiasts. You can share reviews, ratings and advice. You can find players to battle, contests to enter or conventions to attend. The largest and most respected site of this kind is, which has more than 250,000 active members.

Click on, if you want to find new games to buy. Here you can see photos and read quick descriptions of some top games. Whether you’re looking for children’s games, card games or adult games, you’ll find them all here. Another place to look is, where you can click on the type of game you prefer and search the top-rated products by clicking the “Hot” tab. Registered users can also peruse “Geek Lists,” where readers talk about their favorite games or their wants. The forums have a number of boardgame insights if you’re patient enough to read through. Additionally, members who add games to their Collection or lists and rate them will also receive Personal Recommendations of similar games they might enjoy.

Often, runs special contests by sponsored game companies. For instance, in June, R&R Games offered a free copy of their new “Masters of Venice” game if users answered a series of brief questions. Also, Thoughthammer was giving away one $100 gift certificate, two $50 gift certificates, seven $25 gift certificates and Game Ink t-shirts to players who could beat their Mega Meeple online board game. If waiting every few months for another contest doesn’t sound appealing to you, then consider visiting the BGG Marketplace or Trade Center to wheel and deal to buy games.

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