Training For Skydiving In The Classroom


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Skydiving in tandem with an instructor or alone is an exhilarating experience that can leave you with your endorphins pumping and the overwhelming urge to do it again. There are few things that can generate more adrenaline and bring greater thrills than parachute jumping out of an airplane. Falling at terminal velocity before pulling a parachute cord is about as extreme as it gets. Obviously, any type of extreme experience also has some extreme dangers that go along with it, so you really need to know what you are doing to avoid serious injury or death. Getting the proper training from an accredited skydiving school or center is the key to having a safe and fun experience.

One training method for learning how to skydive is static line training. This type of army parachute training was instigated by the military as a safety measure for its paratroopers. Students begin training for skydiving in the classroom for a few hours and then go up in the airplane. When jumping from the plane, the diver will fall away from the plane while the parachute is deployed by a static line attached to the aircraft. The student gets to practice pulling a dummy parachute cord each time. After a few attempts, they will be ready to do a free-fall on their own. It is initially used for lower altitude jumps, and as a person gains more and more experience, they can go to higher altitudes and free-fall for longer and longer periods of time.

When taking up an extreme sport like skydiving, you must consider your health and safety. Always understand the risks involved with anything before you get involved. Whether you are skydiving in California or New York, during your free-fall you can and will reach speeds of up to two hundred fifty feet per second or more. That is roughly one hundred and ten mph.

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